Tuesday 16 December 2003

Bush Finally Avenges His Father's Fuck Up!

The venerable vox being his usual ascerbic self, like a dear departed friend of mine used to say; "If you can't piss with the big-boys, don't show up."


by voxfux

The capture of Saddam Hussein proves one thing and one thing only - That with a $400 billion military and intelligence apparatus, and with 150 billion dollars of more cash ripped off from the American people and with another 25 million dollar reward as bounty to offer anyone with information (also stolen from future generations of young Americans) that Bush can force future generations of Americans to pay the price to clean up the mess THAT HIS FATHER CREATED.

Lets all celebrate that WE ARE BACK TO WHERE WE STARTED FROM... duh.

Remember, IT WAS GEORGE BUSH SR. WHO GAVE SADDAM HUSSEIN HIS FIRST ANTHRAX SAMPLES! The scumbags in the American news media don't think that little detail is important for you to know, so don't expect them to remind you of this FACT.

So here's the score - Bush just spent the entire wealth of America for this generation and several others to CLEAN UP THE MESS THAT FATHER GOT US INTO IN THE FIRST PLACE. So now we are at square one again, where we were thirty years ago. And this jerk is going to try to be a hero again and gloat gloat gloat.

It proves that if you are a corrupt scumbag president that you can transform America into a fascist mafia thug state and rampage around the world and capture and kill any person on this planet and loot their property. That's what it proves. It proves that the evil filth behind American capitalism can kill or capture at will. The United States has just spent it's entire wealth to avenge Bushes' dad's ORIGINAL FAILURE. So now that the Bushes have CLEANED UP THE PROBLEM THAT THEY HAVE CREATED, we're supposed to be happy?

Well, in the world of televisual simulation that America has aparantly become, that is indeed what we are programmed to be. They cannot give us any real growth (Because a looter never can) so what they give us is the BIG FAKE OUT. And we're supposed to suck on that and be happy.

Bush and his NeoCon looters keep sucking and sucking on the world and Americans keep on sucking and sucking on the television. This world is being transformed into one big suckfest.

This Bush scum is no different than Hussein. Saddam Hussein had the luxury of just killing his enemies out in the open. The Bushes would kill each and every single person who opposed them if they could get away with it, but there's this pesky constitution which restricts the actions of filth like Bush and his dad, which prevents this. But not for long though. Soon they will completely abolish the constitution (which will happen before next November). But until then, the Bushes are forced to kill their opposition in a stealthy manor - Suicides, accidents, cancers - that's how the Bushes do it. That's how they did it to people like Paul Wellstone, James Hatfield, Marge Schoedinger and many others you will never hear of.

Now regarding Saddam Hussein - It is a possibility that Saddam will not make it to trial. It is entirely possible that Saddam will be "Oswalded." Because after all, if Saddam Hussein went to trial then it would give him a chance to tell the world who put him in power - THE CIA, and who gave him the bio and chemical weapons of mass destruction - Bush Sr!

So my guess is that quite possibly the hit will be made to look like forces loyal to Saddam tried to free him from captivity and Saddam was killed in the mayhem. Or a sudden illness or unexpected cancer will surface on Saddam and consume him quickly. I think the last thing in the world that this shithead in the White House needs is Saddam Hussein in a courtroom recounting the many years of support and assistance by Bushes father in developing Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Stay tuned

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