Monday 1 December 2003

BBC Conspires to Pervert Justice

Once again, you should make your own minds up about this. Joe does make some very good points in this article though, worth a read. There are many worrying aspects to this case, not least among which are related to the "treatment" that Ian Huntley has received courtesy of Her Majesty.

by Joe Vialls

At 6.18 p.m. on 24 November, the Government-controlled BBC issued a sweeping statement that appeared to seal the fate of Ian Huntley, prime suspect in the Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman double murder case. Under the dramatic headline “Huntley Admits Cutting Up Clothes”, the BBC used its huge media weight and perceived public credibility to claim:

“Ian Huntley has admitted cutting off the clothes of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman as their bodies lay in a ditch. His lawyer told the Old Bailey Mr Huntley took the clothes back to the Soham school where he worked as a caretaker, and set them on fire. Stephen Coward QC [for Huntley] said his client put the burnt clothes in the bin inside a hangar, where they were later found. The court has already heard Mr Huntley accepts the 10-year-old girls died at his home”.

When the BBC printed and broadcast this scandalous statement at 6.18 p.m., they already knew it was a complete lie, and have thus placed themselves and their parent corporation completely outside the law. At the very least, those BBC personnel directly responsible for this blatant deception must be charged with “Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice”.

Ian Huntley has made no admission about planting clothes anywhere at any time, and, as the BBC also knows very well, has never on any occasion “accepted” that the two girls “died at his home”. Earlier in the day Stephen Coward QC had merely outlined what he deduced the prosecution was trying to claim in respect of his client Huntley and the clothes in Soham College, and made the quizzical nature of his questions very plain by stating on open court “That is at least a possibility, is it not?"

There is no excuse for the BBC here, because everyone has access to the online court transcripts about once every 15 minutes in real time, and a “mistake” is therefore impossible. The BBC was desperately trying to please someone very high up in the British establishment with its criminal lies and deception, and was certainly not acting alone in these obscene endeavours.

Almost identical lies were peddled on the same day by Reuters, by the London Independent newspaper, by the Scotsman, and by a host of lesser newspapers and magazines stretching all the way from Canada to Australia. Just like me, every editor and producer had access to the same transcripts coming out of the same courtroom every fifteen minutes, meaning that every editor and producer knew that he or she was printing and broadcasting outright lies, designed to secure a fraudulent and wrongful conviction for the Crown.

If there was ever a chance for the prosecution to successfully “fit up” Ian Huntley, it was on this day, and in the few days to come, using the generic Manchester United T-shirts so conveniently “found” by police in the hangar building at Soham College, but without a single trace of Holly Wells’ or Jessica Chapman’s DNA on them, a fact openly admitted by Crown Forensic Scientist Doctor Helen Davey.

Unfortunately for Ian Huntley, this was also the day when the prosecution suffered a severe attack of amnesia about known critical events directly relating to the period of the search conducted in the immediate vicinity of Soham College, and the “Hangar” in which the generic red Manchester United T-shirts were eventually located.

If you read the court transcripts carefully, it seems as though the hangar at Soham College was the private domain of Ian Huntley, an illusion reinforced by claims that Cambridgeshire police only investigated the hangar after finding the keys in Ian Huntley’s house, after he was arrested. This is absolute rubbish, a fact we will now prove using direct quotes from same mainstream media who are currently trying to bury Ian Huntley forever, on behalf of powerful figures within the British establishment.

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