Monday 17 November 2003

Who Is Joe Vialls?

This article raises questions I've had myself for ages....

It is long past the time for someone to pose the important question, "Who is Joe Vialls?"

He purports to be an independent researcher and writer, but there is much to suggest that he carries the "party line" of some hidden faction. (One can only speculate as to who or what that might be.)

In a fairly extensive Google search, one finds innumerable reference to Mr. Vialls, most of which are copyrighted works by him. Other mentions can be grouped under the category "fawning and fatuous," and are little more than uncritical references to Joe Vialls as an expert on everything from aeronautics and conspiracy theories to cancer and vitamins.

Joe is variously described (and these are direct quotes) as:

1. an expatriated US military analyst based in Australia
2. an ex-British private security expert
3. a British aeronautical engineer
4. an Australian-base freelance journalist with over 30 years direct experience in international military and oilfield operations
5. a former member of the Society of Licensed Aeronautical Engineers (London).

Which of these descriptions is accurate must be left to other interested parties to decide.

Writers like Joe Vialls who arrive with a past shrouded in mist, bearing a host of alluring hypotheses - supported by a torrent of seemingly valid facts and expert opinion - can often serve to leave a reader with the impression that he or she now knows "the truth of the matter."

Who is Joe Vialls? Is he consummate researcher, investigator and expert? Or is he agent provocateur, magician, and master of disinformation?

I leave it to you and your readers to decide. One thing I feel is certain: he is not someone to take lightly.

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