Friday 14 November 2003

GEORGE BUSH - "The Worlds Biggest Fuck Up - Ever"

Vox is one angry dude... He's also not afraid of saying what he thinks and, as you may have gathered, he thinks Bush is the anti-christ...

The Destruction of America Continues

by voxfux

Undoubtedly George W. Bush is the worst fuck-up in the entire history of fuck-ups. Never in US history has there been a politician who has so completely, devastated the economy of the United States and imperiled so many future generations of American citizens as this war profiteering scum, George W. Bush. Never in the history of the world can one find a single world figure who was as blustering and blundering an idiot as this colossally blundering retard, George W. Bush.

In fact even Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin ladin have never proven to be as incredibly inept to the point of near certifiable retardation as the globally hated retard, George W. Bush. Try to name just ONE SINGLE THING in George W. Bushes ENTIRE LIFE that he didn't completely fuck-up. You cannot. And do you know why? Because there has never been a single venture or business or political office or anything in his life in which he has done anything other than completely fuck it up.

Starting in 1975 when Osama Bin Laden's older brother Saleem financed the young George Bush in his very first business with his very own oil company, Arbusto Energy Inc. Which the young Bush promptly drained of all it's cash and drove straight into the ground while extracting delirious profits for himself, to the present day where he exhibits the same pattern of sneaking in, then looting and driving the thing straight into the ground - George Bush is consistent about one thing - He fucks things up big time, and loses money for everyone else, yet extracts delerious profits for himself and key buddies of his. It's what the Bushes are designed to do - it is all they have ever done.

George Bush Jr. was designed from the beginning to fuck up, and fuck up BIG TIME and rip everyone off - and cash in. Oh there is one other fuck-up who comes in a close second place to Bush Jr. His dad. Remember that fuck-up? He's the fuck up who didn't finish the job in Iraq the first time. He's the fuck up who thought that it would be a great idea to not harm Saddam - presumably so that his retarded son could come along years later and have have another four year stint at US Treasury looting AND STILL NOT GET SADDAM - just like his dad did.


But wait a second though - These two fucking reptiles are both descendants from Prescott Bush, who it took an act of Congress to get to stop HELPING THE NAZI WAR EFFORT.

And remember this - ONCE A NAZI, ALWAYS A NAZI.

But wait there's more...

Apparently the ELITE secret society that is at the core of the Bush family, the Secret Scull and Bones Society, was founded on money from Americas largest OPIUM TRAFFICKING SYNDICATE. It was founded by the Connecticut opium trafficking kingpin William Harrison Russell in 1832. And considering George Bushes Sr. sneaky sociopathic yuppiesque history it becomes very suspicious considering his nick name for decades - "Poppy."

Just what, "Poppy" really means considering the history of Bush, the origins of their fortunes and their contempt for the law and their elitist daring to thumb their nose at all but the elite few, should have raised alarm bells long ago. But there is no one to investigate them. For George Bush Senior, being the Director of Central Intelligence, then Vice President, then President - there is simply no one who can even touch him.

But thank god that as every generation proceeds these Bushes, like all spoiled little shits, are getting dumber and dumber and more pathetic with each passing generation. Now, it seems they are all alcoholics and/or drug attics. Lets hope they finish themselves off. But we will probably not be so lucky.

Americans must storm the White House with massive waves of protest - Unrelenting protest day and night, unceasing and unyielding, until the White House is surrounded day and night and we demonstrate to the world that the American people are very definitely not united with this murderous war profiteering scum - This little sociopathic daddies boy.

And then we need to turn our enmity to the scum in the US media who forced little retard on us, for it is the scum in the US media who might actually be most to blame for opening the gates to this human scum.

And remember this, there are companies out there with names like Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Grumman, Carlyle, Bechtel, Wackenhut and many others who will KILL AMERICANS who get in the way of the Bushes. These companies are lethal killing machines and they LOVE the Bushes. The Bushes have a long term plan of terror and theft of power that I fear will last many generations to come. And these power hungry terrorists will always find eager accomplices in these military, intelligence and defense corporations who will execute strategic terror attacks on Americans so that once again a Bush can step up to be a hero and, "protect us." - Then loot the treasury as usual.

This fuckin' retard, Bush, thought he could loot BOTH the US treasury AND the oil-fields of Iraq - achieving a pirate's double whammy. Well he was right about the US Treasury. And it's a job well done. The entire wealth of this nation has been looted from the US Treasury and transfered to a few key industrialists linked to his dad, George Sr.

But boy did this fuck-up, (George Jr.) fuck up big time and miscalculate thinking he and his buddies could cash in and loot the oil fields of Iraq as well as the US Treasury. It looks like it's not going to happen. Looks like he fucked up just like his dad did over a decade ago. There's no way that Bush and his team of oil looters could loot those oil fields when practically every man woman and child (Freedom Fighters) are firing rocket propelled grenades at the looters. It's one thing for this asshole Bush and his daddies pet reptile, Rumsfeld, to pay their old buddies down at the Hill and Knowleton public relations firm (Lie firm) to hire some poor shiite kids to throw flowers at the troops during carefully orchestrated staged media fake outs with the cooperation of CNN and all the other American Lie News organizations in order to FAKE OUT the American people into a feel good mood to trick us into thinking that we are "Liberators" (While Bush and his dad would presumably be 'Liberating" Iraq of it's oil wealth). But when the reality sets in that it was all a trick and that the looting plan failed what should the penalty to George and his fuckin' evil father be for all the US blood spilled and all this American wealth wasted on their little "fake out?"

I believe we need to start talking about punishment for George W. Bush and his father. I believe we need to start talking in terms of a trial for TREASON.

It is important to remember this fact: That re-election is not so important to the Bushes - it never has been. For, the Bushes have always known that they could accomplish their real objective (which is to plunder the US Treasury through the provocation of a few key middle east wars.) in only one term. But now with the windfall kickbacks from that 87 billion in place coupled with those NEW AND IMPROVED REPUBLICAN MANUFACTURED ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES INSTALLED THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY re-election is even less of a concern - It is a sure thing. But one has to ask themselves why would Bush want another term - there will soon be nothing left to steal from the American people. They have already sucked this generation dry and two future generations as well.

The real objective all along is and always was: to get at the money in the US Treasury. For that is the prize above all others. For the US treasury is the biggest treasure on the plant earth...

Well, not anymore.

And it would be one thing if that money was looted to build infrastructure here in America or to build and expand the information superhighway so that we can finally learn the truth about reality and free ourselves from the archaic communications modalities of the TV paradigm, which reduces populations to fearful obese shitheads cowering under the very filth who exploits them, completely obliterating their mind, body and spirit all under the shallow pathetic rubric of "The Free Market."

But instead all of Americas wealth was transfered to Bushes dad's buddies in the defense industry and wasted spent bombing wedding parties in foreign countries and blowing of the arms and legs of little children in Iraq and Afghanistan and earning the hatred of the entire planet, and causing PERMANENT damage to America's credibility, stature and future. And even though there is a total blackout, by the scum of the American Media, of the images of this American caused holocaust and this reality of a world united against America, this is not the case everywhere else. Everywhere else, the photographs of the little children who's arms and legs have been blown off, or whose, whose lives have been snuffed out, are on the FRONT PAGE. Bush and his gang of treasury looters and war profiteers pseudo (fake) religious scumbags, have used the wealth of this once great nation to piss off the entire planet. America is now HATED throughout the world and your taxpayers' dollars paid for it. And your American media (scum) made it a reality by keeping the truth about what is really happening buried beneath a mountain of lies, lies, lies. America has become a lie, at least the official America. Everything on the television is a lie. And all the major newspapers are lies.

Someday if it is ever possible to clean the current scum from the White House our problems with the Bushes will not be over. For as long as ANY male progeny of George Bush Sr. is alive and breathing air, America will be under the threat of the terrorist schemes of the military, intelligence and defense industrialists. For there is no other family in America who is such an attractive magnet for evil than the Bushes. No other family name can symbolize and represent the evil military, intelligence and defense industrialists so fully and completely than the name Bush. These industrialist profiteers will never rest until they suck every last drop of blood from every man woman and child in America. And when these lizards have sucked each and every American dry, the sucking will still not stop there. For these lizards represent the very purest form of evil anywhere on the planet earth - they will suck on every dog and cat and rat and tree and rock and river and mountain and any and all things that move or don't move and they will keep sucking and sucking until they consume and obliterate the earth. They are not human beings - They are the very essence of evil. Until George Bush the senior is in his grave, and unless George Jr. is in prison, the United States is forever in jeopardy of continued inside terrorist attacks. So we must unrelentingly track and follow every single male and female offspring of the Bushes. Their activities and whereabouts must be microscopically scrutinized. The Bushes represent the masthead of all that is evil in the United States of America. Remove the Bushes from the scenario and America goes a long way towards healing and getting back on track.

Know your enemy
Fight the big fight
Smash the TV
And get the fuck off your knees


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Not a single mention in the media of the bizarre threat.