Monday 10 November 2003

Demons and Dictators

Dedicated to all righteous hackers, you know who you are. Don't let the bastards get you down!

Though darkness descends
the light of humanity shines bright.
The people have power,
though they realise it not.

The fear of the leaders is palpable,
the elite are hidden away.
Safe, or so they think
behind their guards and their dogs
and their weapons of war.

The fear does exist
it's one of their tools.
They conjure and create
deprive and abrogate.
Creating demons and dragons
and enemies galore.
But it's all in the mind,
it's all just for show.

The power: we give them.
The wealth: they have stolen.
That's their dirty secret,
that's what they seek to hide.
The money and power
is all a fraile illusion.

They want you to be afraid
for they seek to divide us.
In fear we look to our leaders
but they cannot help us.
They are slaves - just like us.
Kept in ignorance and servitude,
our credit cards maxed out.

We have Rothschild and Rockefeller,
bin Laden and Bush.
Bastards the lot of them,
soul-less and ball-less
evil suckers of Satan's spikey cock.

They are the demons who seek to control
your lives and your children,
and all the dreams that you hold.
Their wars, you will fight.
Their jets, you will pay for.
Bend over bitch
you're about to take it up the arse.