Thursday 16 October 2003

Splitting Atoms

So it came to pass in the opening years of the 21st century
that the children of earth did make war upon one another.
Tearing limb from limb with terrible weapons of fire and steel.
Splitting atoms in a concert of fearful destruction.
Darkness made as day and the earth shakes,
a frightening vibration ripping their fragile lives to pieces
and then nothing remains but wisps of vapour
where once children played there is only air.

The fire and death surround all like a dark black cloak,
a cloak stained with the blood of humanity.
The futility apparent only when nothing more can be done,
the war began by greedy fools safe in bunkers underground.
All at once the violence in movies is happening next door,
neighbour killing neighbour while friends kill their foes.

The survivors, what few remain continued the carnage,
in desperation they rampaged, burning and killing
slaying one another as their leaders slay the earth,
splitting atoms making people dissappear, and for what?

Do you really think all this impossible?

-= ewar