Tuesday 21 October 2003

Now Find the Truth

Even when the truth is staring them in the face they refuse to see it...

Talk about tossing a grenade into a millpond. But Paul Burrell has done the correct thing and released that agonised letter in which Diana predicted her own death and even how it would most likely come about.

What agony she must have been in when she wrote her moving words in the autumn of 1996, just 10 months before she died in a Parisian road crash.

Much against her will - and against her better judgment - Diana was by now divorced and feeling, with justification, sorry for herself. Not too surprisingly, she sat and brooded; maybe even plotted. I'd call it self-defence.

She was prepared to expect the worst. The Windsors, she knew, were as ruthless as any Mafia. So she opened up channels whereby she could receive warnings.

What we now need to know - and only a full investigation will give the answers - was whether the Princess got tipped off as to what might happen. Or were her doubts all in the mind and her words full of paranoia?

Does it really matter? The answer has to be a resounding Yes.

Now, there can be a real debate on what happened the night of her death - as detailed an investigation as is necessary and, finally, a conclusion that will satisfy the majority of us that justice has been done.

That has certainly not been the case up until now.

Yes, there has been an exhaustive inquiry by two senior French judges but the subsequent lengthy report was never published for public consumption.

But now maybe we can all get to learn the details of not only the day Diana died but what went on in the preceding months. It will not be a pretty scenario but we need to know. Most of us cared deeply for Diana.

I'm aware that the Surrey Coroner, Michael Burgess, is to conduct a £1million inquiry but when? Blandly, we've been told that this will now happen "sometime after Christmas". Well, thank you very much.

Personally, I'm not a conspiracy theorist and actually believe that Diana and Dodi Fayed died in their Mercedes because the driver, Henri Paul, was drunk, was taking pills for alcoholism, was driving too fast and was not qualified to drive the armour-plated vehicle.

But I don't know this for sure.

A proper inquest must be launched now Paul Burrell has shown the way. Let the bureaucrats do their jobs or the conspiracies will continue - and with justification.

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