Thursday 9 October 2003

Lamentation for the Dead, and the Living

To all those in power, I ask:

Have you touched the cold hand of death?
Have you seen a life slip away?
Slowly, inexoraby, the pulse growing weaker.
As life fades away, the skin grows cold
then slowly it changes colour;
becoming more and more blue,
a horrible and lifeless palour.
The terrible colour of death.

As your world collapses around you,
your love, your heart, your soul,
lies dead on a sterile hospital bed.
Only then do you know,
only then can you see
how futile are the struggles
which tear us limb from limb.

As your heart lies shattered
on the cold hospital floor
you see truth and life, and meaning
as if through an opened door.

As we cause others to suffer and die,
the dead weep for the soul of the world.

-= ewar