Friday 10 October 2003

Keep the bastards at bay...

While the women are weeping
the dead shed no tears
in Kosovo, Baghdad, Kabul and more
all over the world
their tentacles stretch
gripping the world
in vice of cold military steel.
Bombs and missles are their language
they know not the pen
when it's not linked to a sword.
They are Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz
Bolton and Perle
Dubya's just the puppet
content to watch the box
choking on pretzels
and being a putz.
Cheney's the demon
in his "undisclosed" locations
plotting and scheming
to bring this world to ruin.
Religious fanatics are they
a mistranslated book they follow.
"Onwards and upwards" they chant
hymns and choral music
give music to the lie.
They seek no truth
they have no fear.
They're religious fanatics
who's God is on their side.
They lead us to ruin,
to ignorance and fear.
They people they hold captive
the demons they control.
The "terrorists" and "fundamentalists"
are but pawns in their game
they play with human lives
as if we cards in a game.
Well, "fuck them!" I say
it's time we kept the bastards at bay!

-= ewar