Tuesday 7 October 2003

Israel And US Prepare To Attack Iran

Remind me again, which is the most dangerous state in the Middle East (and the world)...?

Goal is forcing capitulation or risking regional war.

"There could be very, very serious ramifications in the wake of what's happened with this air strike by the Israelis in Syrian territory." Brent Sadler, CNN
“It could be a race who presses the button first (to strike Iran) – us or the Americans”. Israeli Mossad Official

MID-EAST REALITIES - www.MiddleEast.Org - Washington - 6 October 2003:

Before the Israelis bombed Syria for the first time in decades, MER warned over the past weekend that General Sharon - and what is essentially another military-Mossad government in Israel - was trying hard to provoke an "excuse" for a new regional war; much as has been done before, most recently in 1982 when Sharon, then Defense Minister, cleverly orchestrated the invasion of Lebanon in an attempt to install a 'new regime' in that country.

Indeed, it was that war which then led to the Hezbollah, the Intifada, Hamas, and the now-escalating phenomena of 'suicide bombers'...not to mention the effects Sharon's militarist and expansionist policies have had on events taking place in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran and throughout the region.+

Now Sharon and his warrior Generals are attempting to twist world affairs in a way that will allow them, always of course in intimate coordination with the US, to force Syria into fuller capitulation and to bomb Iranian nuclear facilities if the Iranians refuse compliance.

At this historical moment the Arabs are exceedingly weak, confused, co-opted and impotent. This is the result not only of decades of Israeli and U.S. policies to create just such a state of affairs, but of the gross incompetence and corruption of the key Arab regimes in Cairo, Riyadh, Damascus and Amman. All combined 'Arab world' military and economic power is but a small fraction of that of today's Israel backed by its superpower patron. As for pollitical power, overall the Arabs are treated with contempt and scorn by their enemies, and with pity and jokes by their friends.

It is Iran which Israel now has in the cross-hairs. Taking out Iran's growing military capabilities, especially its nuclear and missiles facilities, is at the top of the Israeli agenda and that of its many top-level fellow travelers in the American Pentagon and White House National Security Council. Indeed, a number of times in the past year, even in public, Ariel Sharon has telegraphed his blatant warnings - far more so in secret no doubt. Just before the American invasion/occupation of Iraq - and after holding numerous private meetings in Washington with President Bush and senior US officials - Sharon himself said quite clearly: "Right after Iraq must come Iran".

Now, with American forces occupying the heart of the Arab world, with most Arab regimes either infiltrated, co-opted, or cowering, the final stage is being set. Sharon will continue to do all he can to provoke more attacks against Israel's increasingly brutal occupation and then, when the political and 'public opionion' moment is right, Israel will strike - of course with considerable US help no matter what is said in public.

The first article that follows, dateline Washington, is not fully on target. After all this is hardly the 'first time', though it may very well prove to be the most significant time.

Israel had hoped the US could either topple the current Iranian regime, or somehow force an end to its nuclear programs. Having failed, including no doubt numerous CIA and Mossad operations, the option of military force is now more on the table than ever before. This is especially the case as the betting is the 'world community' will protest but not take any significant anti-Israel steps, and even if the UN tried the US would block with its veto, proven last month when the US used the 'veto' one more time to protect Israel with hardly anyone noticing.

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