Friday 3 October 2003

GM Crops Fear Over Trial Result

Why would anyone willing choose to eat food that has been fucked around with at a genetic level by self-inflated humans who don't really know what they're doing? Surely Mother Nature has done a pretty good job of if so far without our help? Besides the problems that exist related to food production and hunger are of our making to start with so it's ludicrous to suggest that we can fix things by fucking around with them even more. The issue of world hunger is not going to get solved by listening to people who's only interest is profit, that's why there is hunger in the first place! Fortunately the Public is not as stupid as the politicians think they are and given a choice most people won't go near the frankenfood. Why do you think the biotech industry is so keen to lobby against the labelling products when they contain GMOs? Because they know damn well that nobody will buy those products because they don't trust the biotech companies!

The GM crops row escalated yesterday after reports that a major experiment will prove they are worse for the environment than normal crops.

The results will be a blow to the Government - believed to want to increase the range of GM foods sold in shops.

But scientists are now expected to now advise them to be banned in the UK.

A three-year trial of three crops was set up after fears declining farmland species might be further damaged by GM crops. Conventional crops were grown in adjacent fields.

The results, published next Friday, are said to show that two of the strains - GM oil-seed rape and GM sugar beet - damage plant and insect life.

The third, GM maize, allows survival of more weeds and insects but some scientists still have reservations. In a recent survey 93 per cent of shoppers wanted GM foods banned.

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