Monday 20 October 2003

Diana 'feared car accident plot'

Diana died in an accident, Kelly committed suicide, the Moon is made of cheese and Iraq had loads of WMD nasties! When even our Queen is talking about stuff happening in this country which she "knows nothing" about then I think we should be just a tad concerned! If you ask me Diana was offed by the establishment because she was a threat to their plans for continuing to make money from the suffering of people in other countries.

There are evil bastards doing evil things and using this country, and us, as a cover. They sell weapons to bad people, engage in the subversion of democracy in the 3rd world countries and generally go around acting like a bunch of selfish greedy pricks. They need to be stopped and this just may be the way of doing it, except that they own the system including all the judges, politicians, media pukes and just about anyone else in a position to do something about it - or tell the rest of us what's really going on. It makes my blood boil to think about what those inhuman monsters get away with, and any time someone decent tries to stand up to them they end up dead. It happens in all the countries of the world even supposedly peaceful places like the Netherlands and Sweden.

Look people, you have to stop living under the illusion that we live in a "free" society! You are free only to do as you're told by the corporate pricks who own our government, Liz isn't in charge and neither is Tony; they are figureheads and mouthpieces who do as their told and have, themselves, no real idea of what's going on. None of us want to believe any of this is true but unfortunately we can't ignore the evidence any longer. How many more good and decent people are going to have to die before We the People take a stand against the corruption and deciet being perpetrated every day by anonymous suits in plush offices with no regard whatsoever for those whose lives they destroy.

Princess Diana feared the brakes of her car were going to be tampered with, 10 months before she died in a crash in Paris, her former butler has claimed.

The princess allegedly wrote in a letter to Paul Burrell: "This phase in my life is the most dangerous".

She reportedly named someone who was "planning an accident in my car, brake failure and serious head injury."

The alleged letter, which Mr Burrell kept secret until now, has been published in the Daily Mirror.

The name of the alleged person has been blacked out by the newspaper for legal reasons.

Diana and Mr Fayed were killed early on the morning of 31 August, 1997 when a Mercedes driven by chauffeur Henri Paul crashed in the Pont D'Alma tunnel in Paris.

In the alleged letter, Princess Diana reportedly believed the plot was "in order to make the path clear for Charles to marry".

It was reportedly written a couple of months after her divorce from Charles was finalised in October 1996.

A French inquiry in 1999 blamed Mr Paul, concluding he had taken a cocktail of drink and drugs and was driving too fast.

In August, Surrey Coroner Michael Burgess announced he would conduct inquests into the death of Diana and Mr Fayed, but did not specify a date.

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