Thursday 9 October 2003

Darkness and Death

A woman in labour on the side of the road,
in the back of a taxi drenched in sweat and fear.
As the soldiers watch on, the screaming gets louder.
The men watch in terror, the women are frantic.
This unborn life hangs in the balance.
No doctors, no mid-wife, no flowers, no gas
just pain in a taxi on the side of the road.

As the baby's head emerges a cheer rises up;
the men are rejoicing, the women shed tears.
In a battered taxi on the side of the road
a new life is born into poverty and squalour.
The soldiers stand bemused, not feeling, not caring.
As the baby coughs it's first little breaths
the soldiers take aim on the "unauthorised birth".

Suddenly the the night comes alive
the soldiers open fire, people dying all around.
They aim and they shoot, over and over
the people fall, broken and bleeding.
In a puddle of blood lies the baby
dead before life even began.

-= ewar