Thursday 25 September 2003

Why did George Klein commit suicide?

This was news to me, I'm sure it will be to you as well... Disturbing stuff....

"On September 8, 2003, disturbing telephone calls were received. The callers were deeply involved in the Gold Collateral transactions which involved the $206 trillion and $400 trillion dollar "Unauthorized Gold Collateral transactions mentioned in September 8th, 2003 information posted here regarding the suicide of the former World Bank executive, Mr. George Klein, while golfing with former Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger which was recorded in a following telephone call late yesterday afternoon. Whether the two issues are connected, is not now known.

In regards to the first caller. At first, I wanted to hang up on the caller, or get him off the line as fast as possible, until the caller started to identify transaction after transaction involving "Bonus 3392-181 Trust held Gold Collateral" which was used without authorization from the holder in due course i.e., "The Duly Constituted Owners."

At that time, it was realized something very important to the country and international community of nations, was being said by the caller. At that time, I asked the caller if the telephone conversation could be recorded. The caller said "by all means, it is time the truth is told. I am tired of running for my life." The telephone conversation was recorded, a copy was made to provide to the U.S. House of Representatives for inquiry and investigation.

The information went back to 1986, involving "Black Hole" Collateral Transactions which, in all probability , the U.S. House of Representatives never had any idea were going on. All were authorized and cleared through the U.S. Federal Reserve involving Paul Volker, Greenspan, Brady, Jim Baker, Mark Rich, Citibank, Chase Manhattan, Chemical Bank, and the list went on through European and Asian Banks, Latin American Banks, Panamanian Banks and the IraN-Contra Affair Banking. The Commodity Contract Bonus 3329-181 was authenticated by a Dr. Horn and Nicholas Brady, which led to the unauthorized 1990-1991 use of the Gold Collateral instruments held in Trust.

This perked up my attention as my late husband (Central Intelligence Agency) Russell Herrman also known as Herman, was the CONTRA ACCOUNT HOLDER for Bush, Bentsen, Baker, North and Greenspan. Originally, the CONTRA ACCOUNTS were opened in REPUBLIC NATIONAL BANK in Texas prior to Greenspan's appointment as Chairman of the Federal Reserve, while he was still in TEXAS.

Greenspan's telephone number in Texas was 713-780-1266. The Contra Accounts were moved from TEXAS to REPUBLIC NATIONAL BANK at 452 5th Avenue, New York, New York, then moved to ANSBACHER ACCOUNT 608103047 CI-LTD Account; for Russell Herman. Reference Code: "Woodbridge." Attention: D. Hughes. Bank Officer: "Teddy Lloyd."

This information is being made public, because the telephone lines "had visitors" on the "call waiting." Having "visitors" on the call waiting while the conversation was being recorded, denotes the necessity for making this information public at this time. The U.S. House of Representatives who "visit" RMNews can take down the CONTRA ACCOUNT INFORMATION. They have looked for these accounts since the Contra Hearings.

A mistake was made in yesterday's posting listing the pirated former U.S. Federal Government Corporation name. The correct name is THE INTER-AMERICAN DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION which was used in this Counterfeiting of Gold Collateral Instruments at the "WORLD COLLATERAL HOUSE CORPORATION" - i.e. The World Bank.

History on the INTER-AMERICAN DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION. This U.S. Corporation can be found in DEPARTMENT OF STATE "Treaties international agreements other than treaties (TIAS) 12087" documents, Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402. This INTER-AMERICAN DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION became the "laundering arm" for the Contras pursuant to BANK RECONSTRUCTION ACT NUMBER TWO for the INTER-AMERICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK (also pirated by the Counterfeiters) in a MULTILATERAL AGREEMENT done at Washington November 19, 1984; Entered into force March 23, 1986. The initial authorized capital stock of the Corporation "US$200,000,000. (GOLD)."

"The authorized capital stock shall be (was) divided into twenty thousand (20,000) shares having a par value of ten thousand dollars of United States of America (US$10,000) each. Any shares not initially subscribed by the funding members in accordance with Section 3(a) (of this Article) shall be available for subsequent subscription accordance with Section 3(d) hereof." 24 Latin American Countries subscribed to TIAS 12087 as did the United States of America holding 5,100 Capital Shares. Austria holding 100 Capital Shares. France holding 626 Capital Shares. Germany, Fed. Republic of holding 626 Capital Shares. Israel holding 50 Capital Shares. Italy holding 626 Capital Shares. Japan holding 626 Capital Shares. Netherlands holding 626 Capital Shares. Switzerland holding 310 Capital Shares. All of it was funded by the U.S. Congress with U.S. Tax Payer Dollars.

Each agreeing party "Subject only to their own Jurisdiction of Articles of Incorporation by Arbitration of the Capital Share Holders." They were subject to NO LAW other than the Law of this PRIVATE "INTER-AMERICAN DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION" which was pirated by the Global Alliance Investment Association Corporation, incorporated in the State of Nevada currently operating out of the Philippines issuing Counterfeit Gold instruments globally.

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