Thursday 25 September 2003

Fresh blow for Blair as Iraq weapons hunters 'find nothing'

When, in the name of all that is honest, are we going to kick these lying, warmongering GITS out of office??? The government has lost it's credibility, morality, integrity, honesty, decency and the respect of the people of this country, as such it has also lost it's right to govern! Blair, Straw, Hoon and the Attorney General should, in my humble opinion, be removed from office and put on trial for war crimes as defined at Nuremberg. By those standards these men are guilty as hell of engaging in aggressive warfare. War is ONLY justifiable under International Law when a country is invaded or in immediate danger of attack. The failure to find any WMD in Iraq proves that no such threat of attack existed, ergo the government has committed an act of agression against a sovereign state and should be held to account. Seems pretty clear-cut to me...

"They went to find the weapons of mass destruction cited as justification for the invasion. They didn't find them. They didn't find them. They didn't find them. They didn't find them. They didn't find them. They didn't find them. They didn't find them. They didn't find them. They didn't find them. They didn't find them. Bush lied. Cheney lied. Powell lied. Blair lied. Asnar lied. Howard lied. Rice lied. Perle lied. Wolfowitz lied. Rumsfeld lied. Period, end of discussion." - Mike Rivero

Tony Blair's case for going to war against Iraq has taken another blow with claims that coalition weapons hunters have failed to find any weapons of mass destruction.

The BBC reported that a US administration source had told the Corporation that the Iraq Survey Group will publish an interim report next month saying that it has found no WMDs, delivery systems or laboratories.

The document will, however, include computer programmes, files, paperwork and pictures suggesting Saddam's regime was developing a WMD programme.

Downing Street described The Daily Politics programme's report as "speculation", though it acknowledged that the interim report was unlikely to reach firm conclusions about Iraq's alleged WMD.

A No 10 spokesman said: "People should wait. The reports today are speculation about an unfinished draft of an interim report that has not even been presented yet. And when it comes it will be an interim report, the ISG's work will go on.

"The UK has played a significant role in the work of the ISG, including providing its deputy director, and our clear expectation is that this interim report will not reach firm conclusions about Iraq's possession of WMD."

Shadow foreign secretary Michael Ancram said in a statement: "If this BBC report is accurate, this is another damaging blow to the Prime Minister's credibility.

"He has repeatedly used the Iraq Survey Group to stonewall criticism on weapons of mass destruction.

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