Thursday 4 September 2003

Did you know?

by ewar

Did you know that you are in fact a genetically modified Neanderthal bred to be the slave of a race of long-lived, highly advanced extra-terrerstrials who live on the tenth planet in our solar system? They travelled to earth to mine for gold (to fix their atmosphere) and ended up living here for about 450,000 years. At some point the group that was doing the hard work mining for gold (see ancient African goldmines as proof) got hacked off with it and so their scientists created us to do it for them (Adapu = Adam). They gave us language, culture, law, art, architecture, music, astronomy, astrology, religion and agriculture, along with just about everything that we associate with civilisation (see the Sumerians). They created the grains we eat and the animals we slaughter. The evidence is all there if you just take off your Darwinian/Creationist blinkers and do some digging. The reason they've never found the "missing link" between us and our supposed monkey ancestors is because there isn't one - on this planet.

Yes! I'm an historical revisionist but if you really look at it, humans cannot possibly have evolved in the way they did because there just isn't enough time for it to have happened, think about it! Darwin certainly got microevolution right (the galapagos finches) but him and all evolutionists are delluding themselves when they think that micro translates to macro, just like economists... There are explanations out there that go back to the beginning of our civilisation but the powers that be would rather have us remain ignorant of our real origins and so the scientific establishment propogates the myth that we evolved from apes - even though there isn't a single shred of real evidence to support the theory.

Ever heard the name Zecharia Sitchin? No? Didn't think so, this guy is an absolute genius, one of about 8 people on the planet that can translate Sumerian clay tablets and he speaks just about every ancient language of any import. His ideas are contained in a series of 7 books that have been utterly ignored by mainstream science. The reason for that is because his research and data are impeccable and the establishment is utterly unable to rubbish his work in the conventional manner.

You may not want to believe it but it is an infinitely more verifiable (and sensible - if you really think about it) theory than either Darwin or the Bible - for reference to that cannard see the Council of Nicea in 349AD where they made most of it up!

Start here if you're interested in learning more about Stichin's ideas: