Friday, 8 August 2003

Humor in a Small Virginia Church

More words from a wise old sage, you would be well advised to listen to what he has to say - even if it doesn't always make sense to your reality tunnel. Our voyage through Chapel Perillious continues...

by Robert Anton Wilson

In THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS the egregious psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter explains to Agent Clarice Starling why he killed one of his own patients: "I simply could not endure his interminable whining any longer. Besides, his therapy was going nowhere. Believe me, Clarice, there isn't a psychiarist in the country who wouldn't like to refer a few cases to me."

They found this victim in a small church in Virginia, nude except for a high silk hat, with a child's bubble pipe in his mouth. Dr Lecter had only removed two glands --the "sweetbreads"

Near the end of the third volume of the Lecter trilogy, Hannibal remarks to Clarice, "Events which appear gross or offensive in the instant may become, with a slight change of perspective, somewhere between droll and riotously funny."

I wonder if ole Doc Lecter planned the kiddie bubble pipe when he planned the murder, or if that came to him as a last minute inspiration while packing his surgical tools? In either case, I still regard him with less fear and loathing than I have for Dubya; at least Hannibal didn't claim that he only wanted to Liberate the patient.....

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