Friday 22 August 2003

Decoding Media Lies About The Bomb at UN Headquarters in Baghdad

Gee, what a suprise, looks like the Israelis are saying the bomb came in from Syria. How stupid do you think the Syrians really are? With an entire fucking US armada right on their doorstep they're really going to do something suicidal like blow up the fucking UN. Don't even try and tell me the terrorists simply used Syria, maybe they did but maybe the bastards were really Israeli intelligence or black-ops or Palestinians paid by the Israelis in a round-about way. Either way the chances that it was Bashar al Assad are about the same as the chances of Osama bin Laden walking up to cop in Brooklyn and turning himself in! This UN bomb stinks of a FALSE FLAG operation!

Luckily for us, raw video footage always tells the truth!

by Joe Vialls

The media would have us all believe the New York fairy tale that, “a suicide bomber driving a large blue cement truck drove inside the UN Building in Baghdad, came to an abrupt halt directly under the office of Sergio de Mello, where he [the suicide bomber] detonated the charge, killing 24 people”. Some media networks misread their common script and said “yellow truck” instead of “blue truck”, but hey, anyone can mistake one primary color for another can’t they? Essentially though, this is the politically-correct media garbage you are all supposed to swallow about the massive bomb in Baghdad.

Unfortunately for the dream weavers in New York, there is enough raw video around on this bombing to expose every one of the weavers as obsequious disinformation whores, faithfully acting on the orders of their various media proprietors, and completely ignoring the long term impact this strike may have on ordinary folk like you. How can we prove this? Let us start in the seconds preceding and immediately following the blast, which were faithfully recorded on continuous video at a press conference inside UN Headquarters.

As you can see on the video frame shown above left, a UN official was addressing a packed media briefing not more than fifty feet away from Sergio de Mello’s office. The windows of the briefing room were partly open, because the air conditioning was not working properly. One split second the official is speaking, them the video film goes black for two frames, then there is an ear-splitting bang which sends journalists and others reeling across the briefing room, as shown in the center and right frames above. Obviously there is something critical missing from this sequence, but what is it?

The sound of a large Kamaz “cement truck” is missing, that’s what! Rather artfully invented by FBI Special Agent Thomas Fuentes, the blue [or yellow] Kamaz truck lies at the very heart of this outrageous media lie, so if we use hard science to remove the truck, at the same time we comprehensively discredit Special Agent Fuentes, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and ninety-percent of the American media.

Many years ago I actually drove one of these Eastern European Kamaz monsters, and people could hear the gears crashing nearly a mile away. Now imagine how much noise a Kamaz makes when it crashes through the steel railings outside the UN Headquarters [formerly the Canal Hotel], before attacking the glass, windows frames and double brickwork below Sergio de Mello’s office. In reality the noise would have been so loud it would have stopped the UN media briefer dead in mid-sentence, but failed to do so.

There is not a trace of background sound on the tape in the seconds leading up to the massive explosion, which in turn proves conclusively that no giant [or even little] Kamaz truck charged the UN Headquarters building like a crazed elephant in search of a mate. Nor is there the slightest trace of camera shake or vibration, which there certainly would have been if a Kamaz had just charged through the ground floor below the briefing room.

If you don’t believe me, get hold of a copy of the video footage that the obliging media has left lying around all over, probably blissfully unaware that it completely destroys their politically-correct myth. Either that, or the media simply don’t care. It probably doesn’t matter too much if folk on the Internet manage to make idiots out of them, just so long as 250-million Homer Simpsons believe it all on television.

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