Wednesday 23 July 2003

On the Killing of Dr Kelly - Rant in E-minor

by ewar

How many more innocent genuinely good people have to die? Are those son's of bitches going to kill every good, honest, non-sycophantic public servant that tries to tell us what is really going on? I don't know if I'm more sad or angry about this, his poor family must be completely devastated, there are no hollow words from me that will comfort them so I shall simply say that my heart is with them in this dark hour. One person that nobody is mentioning is Andrew Gilligan, he must be equally devastated, I mean he's the guy that brought all this stuff out so he must feel guilty as hell. On the off chance that you read this Andrew then don't beat yourself up, you did the right thing mate!

As for the suicide, I want to see the autopsy report before I believe anything like that! There are reports, since supressed, of a gunshot wound to the back of the head and witnesses reported seeing Dr Kelly smiling - and NOT seeming the least bit like a man on the edge of taking his own life. Reports from the village in which he lived say that people who knew him do not believe that it was a suicide. Are the mainstream presstitutes reporting that? NO!

Even if we do accept the "official" verdict (which I don't) then it's still a scandal of enormous proportions. A scientist comes forward and says he's had contact with Mr. Gilligan, next thing you know he's the "mole-person" who shagged the government up the arse about their own Iraqi lies. Then a few weeks later the guy kills himself because he's been hounded by everyone and his dog. Does this all sound like some bad Hollywood movie they never thought of or what? Excuse me, did I suddenly wake up on the set of the next fucking James Bond film, or in a pod in a power-plant or something???? By all accounts Dr Kelly was a good, honest, kind man who loved his family, his wife and kids obviously loved him dearly. So, why in the name of all the All Holy Conspiracy Kook would he slash his wrists on a dark rainy night while ostensibly out on a walk? It just doesn't make sense!!! This smells like the biggest pile of rotting fish in the entire country - except of course the Iraq Invasion itself!

We'll never know what really happened of course, every piece of real evidence will be classified, the inquiry will be a white-wash and Phony Tony and the Cronies will come away smelling of roses - as per usual. Either that or someone powerful has decided that Tony isn't cutting the mustard and needs to be gotten rid of. Even better, new driver same damned car! Then the cycle will continue, on and on until either the banks own the whole world and we're all debt slaves or world peace breaks out and we explore space together forever. Everyone is trapped by the system, even the people who don't think they're in it, question is, what do we do about it? Anyone who stands in their way gets murdered, anyone who looks like they may actually change things on a big scale gets murdered or ridiculed or smeared. Looks like it's happened again in nice peaceful sleepy civilised England.

"Go back to bed Britain, your government is in control again. Go back to bed Britain, your government has all the answers. Go back to bed Britain for when you rise we shall all be living on the set of Big Brother!"