Monday 28 July 2003

Galloway Memoirs Stolen

Looks like someone wanted a sneak-peak.... Another dodgy crime, we have mysterious suicides, burglaries, what next????

A first draft of memoirs by anti-war MP George Galloway have been stolen from his Portuguese cottage.

Mr Galloway arrived at his Iberian retreat on Friday evening to discover his computer, desk and chair all missing.

The Glasgow Kelvin MP, who was suspended from Labour after an outspoken interview on an Arab TV station at the end of March in which he denounced war in Iraq, said the burglary appeared to be no "ordinary crime".

But the raiders, he said, were "doomed to disappointment", since there was nothing "remotely of interest" apart from his first draft.

The property had been unoccupied for six weeks, and it was not clear when the crime was committed. Mr Galloway said he had other copies of the draft.

The MP added that police were investigating the break-in at the £82,000 converted farmhouse in the Algarve.

He said the thieves had worn gloves and would have needed a four-wheel drive vehicle to reach the remote farmhouse.

Most burglaries in the area were "drug-fuelled" and "reckless", he added, suggesting that the break-in appeared suspicious.

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