Thursday 24 July 2003

David Kelly’s murder – Is it a punishment or a warning?

Is it a mafia-like execution to hide the truth?

Murder of Dr. David Kelly, one of the members of UN’s Weapons Inspection team in Iraq to find the weapons of mass destruction allegedly manufactured and piled up by the Saddam government, has left no doubt that to which extent the group of criminal-minded individuals responsible for a new conflict in the Middle East could go to serve its vested interests.

Although all the government agencies in UK and the media in United States is trying to portray this seemingly cold blooded murder as a “suspicious suicide”, the circumstances led to Dr. Kelly’s disappearance and death clearly indicate that who should be held responsible for silencing a voice for sanity and truth.

UN inspectors were under grave threat before the war. Before the war on Iraq, the US administration, acting like mafia gangsters, used all fair and foul tactics to justify a war on Iraq to appease some specific lobbies. Top US officials were hurling threats to the UN inspectors and were pressurizing them to declare that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

The diplomats representing the members of the Security Council were being threatened for dire consequences if their countries did not vote for a war resolution. It was not diplomacy. It was not statesmanship. It was abuse of power and authority for which both George W. Bush and Tony Blair are personally responsible.

Now when Blair faced tough criticism because of a BBC’s report that he intentionally exaggerated the facts and added fiction to his analyses to sell the war plans to the people of Britain, an inspector is killed. Is it the punishment to speak to the media and disclose what the truth was? Or it is a warning to other inspectors and government officials that they could be murdered if they spoke truth.

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