Monday 21 July 2003

British voters blame government for Kelly's death

Damn fucking right we do! Blair has the blood of an innocent man on his hands and I don't care what he, Campbell, Hoon or the whole goddamned government say, they are responsible for this obscenity!

A majority of British voters blame the government for the death of defense ministry "mole" David Kelly with most saying their opinion of Prime Minister Tony Blair has gone down over the tragedy, according to a new poll.

The poll, published in the Daily Telegraph Monday, found an overwhelming 83 percent believing Kelly's death last week was a direct consequence of being caught up in the row over the government's claim about Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction.

Asked who was thought most to blame, 47 percent said the government for making his name public and suggesting he was the main source of a BBC report in May that claimed Saddam Hussein's threat had been exaggerated to justify the war against Iraq.

Almost a quarter of voters believe that the Foreign Affairs Committee, which interrogated Kelly, was mostly to blame, but only 9 percent said it was the BBC for refusing to reveal the name of the source of its report prepared by defense correspondent Andrew Gilligan.

Almost 60 percent said their opinion of Blair had gone down as a result of the Kelly affair, while 69 percent said they were not very confident or not confident at all in the judicial inquiry set up by the prime minister to investigate the circumstances of the death.

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