Sunday 1 June 2003

Polarization - The Plow Of Fascism

by James Neff

To hear the pundits of the far right say it, one gets the distinct impression that anyone left-of-center is not only immoral, unpatriotic and un-American, but worse, guilty by association with terrorist groups and sympathizers of known terrorists. Whether its the oft painted picture of protesters being something just short of communist insurrectionists, or the perpetual drone of rightist views as if everyone on the left secretly knows they are wrong and are deliberately working for "evil," the ultra-conservative right has never more villainized and demonized free-thinkers outside the status quo than right now.

Media is working overtime to cram pack everyone under increasingly defamatory labels which will either sanctify them or pronounce them anathema against the almighty Bush/Rightist/NeoCon regime and its unfolding "plan", sold to the people as the last bastion of truth, justice and the American way; a glory somehow lost during the Clinton administration and now miraculously revived by mighty St. Bush. Anything that falls outside of it is, frankly, regarded as diabolically evil. Anyone who questions it MUST be working for anti-American, godless commie forces and Lord forbid you actually protest what they propose or enact.

The general view of many on the right is certain that those of the left, though not personally involving themselves in seditious or criminal activity, quietly, secretly look the other way and approve of it when other groups do. It's this kind of unprecedented paranoia that is fueling the polarization in this country. It's just as rank as when one hears someone suggest that those who are not personally involved in radical pro-life movements probably secretly enjoy the bombing of abortion clinics and if someone gets hurt, oh well, it's just "collateral damage" in the war for the unborn. We've all heard such things suggested, commented, noted. But do we realize this subtle brainwashing?

Suspect Thy Neighbor! It's the American Way.

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