Monday 9 June 2003

Mossad's Killing Machine Comes to Britain

A killing war between Israel's Mossad and Islamic fanatics came closer this weekend in Britain. The Israeli intelligence agency has sent four members of its kidon assassination squad to this country, to join fifteen other handpicked katsas, its relentless field agents.

Their brief is to "disable" any of the "close to 50" British Muslims that the extremist Islamic group, Al-Muhajiroun, last week boasted were ready to carry out suicide missions similar to the one in Tel Aviv. Al-Muhajiroun spokesman, Asif Butt, said the 50 were "primed and ready to go". The threat was sufficient for Mossad to send its own termination squad to head off any further threat to Israel or to synagogues and other Jewish institutions in this country.

"In Mossad-speak 'disable' means taking them out permanently", said an MI5 source grimly. "We know from past experience that the kidon can make murder look like an accident. It is their speciality". Two of the kidon are women. They have been trained to be ready to sleep with someone to obtain vital information. Former Mossad chief Meir Amit said that "sex is a woman's weapon. Pillow talk is not a problem for her. But it takes a special kind of courage - to sleep with the enemy". Mossad often operates outside the law of this country - or any country.

In the past, it has killed terrorists in the streets of Paris, Frankfurt and other European cities. In turn, it has lost over 100 agents in the past 50 years. Their memorial is a monument shaped like a human brain in a suburb of Tel Aviv. In Britain, they are banned from using guns or explosives. But they are equipped with long and short-blade knives and piano wire to strangle. They are also trained in the art of melting into a hostile community. Some of the team have spent time undercover in Arab capitals. They speak all the languages of the Middle East - and can pass as Islamic extremists to get close to the fanatics they have come to hunt down in Britain.

Israel has openly made it clear it fears Britain has become a haven for extremist preachers and their network of organisations dedicated to sowing hatred. They cite how terrorists have been able to hire expensive lawyers to fight extradition. For years Khalid Fawwaz, wanted in the US for his alleged role in the bombing of the American embassy in Kenya, has used the courts in Britain for the past four years to avoid extradition. The expense of his fight has cost the taxpayer £428,000.

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