Monday 30 June 2003

Late night thoughts...

by ewar

I've come to realise that "history" is mostly a lie written by (or for) the corrupt a**holes who control this planet. Call me a "historical revisionist" if you like but when I realise that I've been lied to all my life then it kind of p*sses me off. As for history, consider this; "History is written by the victors", which is why Britain always comes out smelling of roses! Now that I've got your attention, here's a few thoughts late at night....

Guess what guys, that Noah dude built his Ark because a big-ass comet was about to hit the planet. He was warned by a civilisation much more advanced than his who understood the movements of the planets (like the people who built Stone-henge), they were able to observe and thus predict a cometary impact of devastating proportions. It's the same thing as a Rocket Scientist trying to explain how the world works to a bushman because he's about to leave the planet. Noah's Ark is reportedly in Armenia lying at the top of Mount Ararat - it was seen there in 1904 by climbers and again more recently. It's covered with snow and so is only visible at certain times when there is relatively little covering. Satellite pictures of the area show something man-made is definitely down there. There's no "conclusive" proof because, of course, the thing is in a virtually unreachable place that's covered in a big f**king pile of snow. I tell you what though; if you go there, brave the conditions and dig, you'll find it!

Did the world flood massively some time in the recent past? Yes! What caused it? The only thing that possibly could (providing of course you exclude pissed-off deities) - an extraterrestrial impact of HUGE proportions. Why do I believe this? Because a) The solar system is full of shit waiting to hit this planet; b) Sumerian civilisation (the accepted birthplace of ours) didn't just happen overnight after 105,000 prior years of human development, and; c) Nothing else about history makes sense to me unless you factor in some sort of globally catastophic event in living human memory! If I'm wrong then, why did the people who built Stonehenge just disappear without a trace, seemingly over-night? Same goes for all the "megalithic" people. Did you know that there are 40,000 henges in the UK, all of them following similar patterns of design and construction and all built with astrologically significant features - most notable alignment with the planet Venus. For those of you who don't know, using visual references of Venus is the most accurate way to measure time on planet earth. That says to me that our megalithic ancestors were a pretty advanced bunch, just because they hadn't figured out a million ways of exterminating themselves or abusing the planet with fossil fuels does NOT make them less advanced than us!

Look at some of the megalithic sites in South America, they contain masonry so precise that after thousands of years the structures are still standing without the use of any sort of concrete or steel, or even mortar in some cases! Every single current human society has at it's earliest origins stories of a pissed off "God" and a "great flood", even the most remote and far-flung of our human tribes! Assume for a minute that there was a cometary impact and that there were survivors, that impact would look to those people like a big flood because that's probably all they'd see - except maybe a big fiery thing in the sky that shouldn't be there - which would look remarkably like God Himself doing something nasty.

If there was a civilisation in existence before the impact which could predict what was going to happen it makes sense to me that they would have had the ability, and the will, to then set out and warn as many other humans as they could. To do otherwise would be to go against the very thing which makes us all human, despite what TV commercials may try and tell you! A cometary impact would explain both the biblical story of the flood and, more importantly somehow, it would also explain the story in the Book of Enoch discovered in the Dead Sea Scrolls (the copper scroll to be precise), not to mention as the Sumerian epic of Gilgamesh. How else would you explain unfossilised sea-shells on top of mountains in Scotland? For that matter, how would you explain the Great Salt Lake in the middle of the USA which is composed of SEA salt that has the same chemical makeup as the Ocean - not the elements in the surrounding soil! Evaporation and salinity measurements have proven that the lake is no more than +/- 10,000 years old. In geological time 10,000 years is a fraction of a nanosecond, so the origins of the lake remain a "mystery" to modern "science"! Add to that is the fact that there is geomagnetic data that points to cometary impacts of a huge scale on this planet about 9,000+ years ago and it all seems sown up (except of course you "don't believe in any of that fate crap").

Suddenly the whole picture starts to make sense, to me at least - maybe I am potty afterall but I think human civilisation, and life on earth, have been utterly destroyed and rebuilt at least once in the last 10,000 years! Enough was left over that we survived and have evolved again which is why civilisation seems to have sprung up out of no-where amidst stories of massive floods.

To me this answers one of the big questions I've always had; why are we so technologically evolved but still so primitive as a society? The answer is because we have no proper understanding of where we have come from other than some religious mumbo-jumbo bastardised in Nicea in 349 AD by a bunch of pre-catholic control-freaks who also burned the Library of Alexandria just to make a point. Our past has been stolen from us and stored in secret places like the Vatican library and the secret archives of government. All of it kept secret so that the "Powers that Be" can control us with fear and manipulate us with their lies!

Think about it people, we went from steam engines to jet engines in less than a hundred years, yet at the same time it took us 100,000 years to start living in cities and farming the land! Sorry if I missed the bus but doesn't that strike you as just a little strange?!? Our brains are the same size as humans who lived 50,000 years ago, our bodies are also the same. So why the hell did it take so long for our ancestors to do something so basic like stop hunting and gathering and stay in one place growing f**king veggies!?!?!?!?!

If someone can give me some logical answers to some of the points I've raised, I'm all ears. If anyone wants references and reading off me (I can't be arsed with a bibliography right now, but rest assured I have one) then also let me know.

At the end of the day, we have no real idea who we are because our history and past is hidden from us, both by the mists of time and by a bunch of rich bastards who know what the TRUTH is and would seek to use that knowledge to further their own greedy aims. Call me mad if you like but time will be my only real judge.

The moral of this story is trust your instincts, don't trust me or anyone else to tell you what is real and what is not real!