Monday 23 June 2003

HIV/AIDS Made In America?

Graves Gets His Day In Court

This week in California a lawyer is suing the U.S. government, claiming that the HIV-AIDS virus is a man made virus developed and manufactured in the United States with the knowledge of the U.S. government. On June 27th. prominent lawyer and AIDS researcher, Dr. Boyd E Graves JD* will finally present his case, number 02 CV 02396**, before Judge Jeffrey T. Miller in a San Diego court, claiming that the HIV virus, the virus that causes AIDS, is a virus that was manufactured in American laboratories between 1962 and 1978. On November 27th. last year the Office of the Secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human Services granted Dr. Graves sixty days to file suit in the United States federal court against the U.S. government. Graves claims he has hundreds of government documents proving HIV-AIDS was designed as biological terrorism against African-Americans. His action was initially brought in the U.S. Supreme Court, Case No. 00-9587.***

Researchers have long suspected that HIV arose as a result of a viral "cross-species jump" from primates to humans. The theory is that, through contact with chimpanzee blood, possibly through hunting them and eating the meat, humans were exposed to Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV) which mutated into Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). Not everyone agrees with this theory, and recently it has been challenged by Dr. Graves, who believes he has discovered the most terrifying inference about HIV-AIDS. Graves claims it is becoming increasingly clear that this virus was not, as scientists at first thought, passed from chimpanzees to mankind, but was probably knowingly developed by doctors and scientists working for the United States government. Graves says that in April 1984, Dr. Robert Gallo filed a United States patent application for his invention, the HIV-AIDS Virus. The Patent number for the invention is 4647773, details of which can be found at the US Patent Office website.****

According to Graves, the scientific evidence is compelling. He says:

"The HIV-AIDS Virus was manufactured as a designer bi-product of the US Special Virus programme. The Special Virus programme was a federal virus development programme that persisted in the United States from 1962 until 1978. Dr. Robert Gallo's 1971 Special Virus paper reveals that the United States was seeking a "virus particle" that would negatively impact the defence mechanisms of the immune system. The programme sought to modify the genome of the virus particle in which to splice in an animal wasting disease called Visna." Graves says Dr. Gallo's 1971 Special Virus paper is identical to his 1984 announcement of AIDS, and in 2001 Dr. Gallo conceded his role as "Project Officer" for the federal virus development programme, the Special Virus.

Graves claims the US Special Virus was added as a "compliment" by vaccine manufacturer Merck to experimental hepatitis B vaccines given to gay men in New York City, Los Angeles and San Fransisco; and smallpox vaccines given to blacks in central Africa, during the late 1970's and early 1980's. Shortly thereafter the world was overwhelmed with mass infections of a human retrovirus that differed from any known human disease, it was highly contagious and it could kill. Boyd Graves now believes that HIV-AIDS is probably an evolutionary, laboratory development of the peculiar Visna Virus, first detected in Icelandic sheep. Graves himself is a graduate of Annapolis US Naval Academy and law school who, in 1992 tested positive for HIV.

"Today I am hailed as "the Man Who Solved AIDS", he says. "What many people do not understand is that HIV contains particles of an Icelandic sheep disease, VISNA. Visna is from nazi Germany. It too is man made. The Supreme Court case was brought from a lower court which dismissed the origin of AIDS as a frivolous issue. I do not believe anyone in the world considers the origin of AIDS frivolous."

He claims to have one piece of evidence he's convinced will force the judge to rule in his favour saying: "If that happens the government will be forced to release all sorts of previously-classified research which proves the real origins of HIV-AIDS. The United States must account to the American people and the people of the world for the U.S. Special Virus Program."

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