Wednesday 11 June 2003

The blackest lie

While eating my morning victuals I was subjected to the stomach churning vision of her New York Highness being interviewed by newswhore Katie Kouric of the Propaganda Today show.

Along with her present visage we were treated to several pictures from her past, while in college, in law school after meeting Bill, her in coke bottle glasses before she was “made over” for the gazillionith time and he the resplendent young 60s Marxist with long hair and a beard.

We didn’t see those pix during any of their campaigns. Now we really know where Chelsea got her looks. They call themselves “progressives” yet they reproduced. Will the hypocrisy never cease?

Now Hitlery is trying to show her human side in her new book and the newswhores are falling all over each other to help her since a return of socialist evil to the Oval Office is what they so desire. She’s pulling it off quite well. I can hear the sheeple bleating from all parts of the land, “save us from ourselves and all those evil Liberty lovers.”

I personally hope she runs and wins. The sheeple deserve her and it will make for "interesting times."

What’s noteworthy of this particular interview is how Hitlery described her college commencement speech. She was apparently the first student to be the speaker at a Wellesley graduation, however you spell it, some northern school for big shots and practiced hoop jumpers I guess, and her words that day were, according to the newswhore, as controversial as her address.

Of course the newswhore didn’t quote from the “controversial” speech. That would muddy her highness’s path to the White House, which in true “progressive” fashion she is denying she now seeks.

Hitlery said in her defense that she was only exercising her right to “question and protest,” which are the “values this country was founded upon.”

She, as her kind often does, was telling the truth with her tongue, but in spirit she was telling the blackest lie.

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