Thursday 8 May 2003

The virus that has infected the American mind

America, this society, its people have been exposed to a particularly deadly virus, one that has rapidly escalated and has infected the American mind with a debilitating disease. This formerly unknown virus has infected the majority of Americans with an insidious disease that does not attack the body, but instead, attacks the mind with an intensity that, thus far, cannot be rejected or even impeded. It has proven to be very deadly indeed.

After more than two years of study, from the elections of the year 2000 to the present, it has been determined that this virus was formed when the currently imbedded administration came into power—when it quickly initiated an agenda intended to eliminate important treaties with other nations, cancel many environmental regulations, reject global warming as useless thinking, condone corporate misdeeds, and then to decide that the world community of nations must simply cower and accede to its doctrine of preemptive military interventions.

Every virus must have a carrier or the virus cannot spread. In this instance, the carrier has clearly been identified as the corporate-controlled media, the majority of which have totally lost their credibility, integrity and journalistic soul. They have poisoned the American mind by their efforts to not only cloud America's vision and understanding of what is going on, but they have undertaken massive efforts to infect the American mind with misinformation. In effect, this virus takes seemingly intelligent minds, paralyzes them and tunes them into only one frequency that gives them just one message—the message broadcast every moment of every working day that trumpets the call for America to wage war against any nation that we may wish to invade and occupy for whatever reason we deem necessary. And, very cleverly, ties that aim directly to the need to avenge 9/11.

The people of America sense that something is terribly wrong. They try to focus on what has happened to them, but this sickness has ravaged their minds, rendered them immobile, unable to rise up and speak out with their real feelings—and only allows them to exhibit their flags on their homes, their cars, their lapels. They sometimes hear that America has now become the most hated nation in the world for the unjustified and immoral destruction of the nation of Iraq, but their ability to reason continues to be clouded by the corporate-controlled media.

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