Tuesday 13 May 2003

Rant of the Week

by ewar

Reality is getting more and more like a Movie all the time, perfect example is Iraq. We've had "Chemical Allie", "Mrs Anthrax" and now "Dr. Germ". It makes them all sound like Super Villains you see in X-Men or something. Uncle Sam vs. The Evil Dr Germ.

The reason they do it is that the warmongers haven't actually found any of the blimmin WMDs they kept bleating on about when justifying this invasion! So instead they have to make the alleged perpetrators sound more sinister than they really are. That's why two of the three are women as well; because a woman creating weapons to kill loads of people is psychologically more powerful to humans than a man doing it. It is from a woman's body that life first emerges and it is the mother to whom a child first bonds, therefore it seems so much more evil to people if a woman creates a biological weapon than if it's a man doing it. Talk about sexism! If you look at it carefully, it's another tool of the manipulators, sorry the "media". I'd love to see the statistics that show the numbers of male versus female Iraqi weapons scientists, I bet it's nowhere near 2-1! Oh yeah, not to mention the fact that the detention of Dr. Germ also acts to further deviate from the fact that they haven't even found Saddam yet! No bin Laden (remember him?) no Saddam Hussein. Let's have a recap here. We've killed or injured a few thousand people to NOT find any weapons of mass destruction, and NOT find Saddam Hussein. All we've done is succeeded in GIVING control of Iraq's oil to multinational oil companies. Yippee!

The whole "Dr Germ" thing is used by the spin-heads to deflect attention away from their own lies and deception by pointing fingers in another direction. It's like calling someone an "anti-Semite" because they disagree with you; you essentially repoint the finger of blame in such a way that it's made nigh on impossible to counter because you accuse the other person of being "evil" or some variant there of. Once you understand the lies, you're impervious too them. For all we know, Dr. Germ is some hapless chemist who was in the wrong place and the wrong time. The garbage that comes from the media is largely generated by the government (intelligence agencies) and is used for disinformation and propaganda! Add to that the fact that we now have those sons and daughters of Satan - the marketing and advertising people - involved, because Neo-Labour and The Bushies don't do anything without a flashy ad campaign. The result is this spit-polished spinning of human misery which we are seeing repeated endlessly on our televisions.

More soon...