Saturday 10 May 2003

Looks like WMD have gone AWOL

Oh where, oh where are those weapons of mass destruction, now spiffily referred to as WMD?

You would think that if the intelligence about the existence of weapons of mass destruction was good enough for the United States to invade Iraq, then it would have been good enough for military inspectors to have found them. Or at least one of them. The 110 sites most suspected of harboring weapons of destruction have been searched and nothing has been found.

But wait. Stop the presses. Just Wednesday, senior military officials reported finding a tractor-trailer truck that probably was used to produce biological agents, possibly one of the mobile biological weapons

labs described by Secretary of State Colin Powell in his presentation to the United Nations.

Declining to call it a "smoking gun," the Pentagon undersecretary for intelligence said "experts have not found another plausible use for it based on the equipment on-board."

That's an unusual standard of proof. If we can't figure out what else this would be used for, then it must have been used to produce WMD.

The logic isn't the only thing that's a little strange. Senior military officials made the announcement Wednesday, but the tractor-trailer was actually found almost three weeks ago. Military officials said they were proud they hadn't rushed to announce its discovery.

That's one explanation. Another might be that the timing of the announcement coincided with increasing pressure to produce some evidence of the weapons that supposedly launched 1,000 ships.

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