Monday 12 May 2003

British army spy at heart of IRA death squad unmasked

Here's a new codshit equation for you:

British Prime Minister = Lying Twat

Three PMs are involved in this, it goes to show you that not everything you thought about "The Troubles" was accurate. In fact most of us Brits have been spoon-fed crap about Ireland and Irish Republicanism for our whole lives. Britain is NOT the "honest broker" in this, it's one of the more guilty of the protagonists! There is definitely weirdness going on here because the newspaper reports are vague and in some cases contradictory. Anything that attempts to shag the establishment up the arse is a good thing in my book, I hope it brings the government down!

The IRA was reeling in shock and panic last night after one of its top members was unmasked as the infamous army spy known as Stakeknife.

Alfredo Scappaticci, deputy head of the Provisionals' internal security unit, the notorious Nutting Squad, is alleged to have supplied crucial information to the shadowy military intelligence wing, the Force Research Unit, for the past 25 years.

He was secretly paid £80,000 a year for his role.

Scappaticci, who was outed on several websites and in a number of Irish Sunday newspapers, is also suspected of involvement in more than 40 murders. Dozens of people may have been allowed to die in order to protect his cover.

Scappaticci, who has homes in Dublin and west Belfast, was spirited away to a safe house in England by undercover agents yesterday morning. Republican sources insisted he was prepared to tough it out in his west Belfast house, but security forces eventually persuaded him to leave.

However, Sir John Stevens, the Metropolitan police chief who is investigating security force cooperation with terrorists, said: "We will be questioning Stakeknife soon. We fear other informants have been sacrificed to save him and we will be asking him about that."

The agent is said to have been responsible for the death of many republicans he judged guilty of being informers, including the horrific triple murder of fellow FRU agents Aidan Starrs, Gregory Burns and John Dignam in south Armagh in 1992.

Sir John, who has already reached devastating conclusions on the level of collusion involving loyalist paramilitaries, will also want to interview Stakeknife's army handlers about claims that innocent Catholics died to safeguard the informer's identity.

Among these was said to be 66-year-old Francisco Notarantonio, shot in his bed in west Belfast in 1987 by loyalist paramilitaries after being suggested as an alternative to their original target, Scappaticci.

Three prime ministers, Margaret Thatcher, John Major and Tony Blair, would have read intelligence provided by Stakeknife, although there is no indication that they knew exact details of his activities.

But Sir John could question former ministers, and will also want to talk to special branch officers, who twice tried to lure Stakeknife to work for them, and senior MI5 officers who would also have known about his role.

Scappaticci, a close friend of Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams since they were interned together in 1971, joined the IRA in the 1970s but became an informer after a brutal beating from a fellow Provo in 1978.

He rose to a senior role in the Nutting Squad in the 1980s and has been at the heart of the paramilitary organisation and army intelligence ever since.

The weekend disclosures have sent panic through the IRA.

One former Provo, Anthony McIntyre, also from west Belfast, claimed the republican leadership could be shaken to the core.

"If this is true, then it's a major coup for the British. It would mean they have been steering republican strategy for years," he said.

But it could also prove devastating for the British establishment.

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