Tuesday 20 May 2003

Blair Has Betrayed Britain... Not Me

Defiant Galloway's blast at PM

A defiant George Galloway yesterday accused Tony Blair of betraying Britain and putting the country in "the first ranks of the hated on the earth".

Galloway, suspended by Labour over comments on Iraq, told an anti-war rally: "Country after country is now out of bounds for British travellers.

"There's hardly a country in the world where it's safe for a British person to travel, according to our own Foreign Office.

"By putting us in the first ranks of the hated on the earth, Tony Blair is the one who has betrayed this country, not me and not you.

"If there's a treason in this picture it is those who have sold our country to a foreign power, who have decided that it is our fate to be the tail of a dog whose head is the virtually imbecilic right- wing republican fundamentalist George W Bush."

Galloway claimed Blair would be brought down if he tried to embark on another war. He told a Globalise Resistance rally in Glasgow that the Prime Minister had contemplated resigning if he lost a vote on war. He said: "We didn't know it then but we came very close to stopping the war. And if they try to fight another one, I believe we will stop it and we will bring Tony Blair down."

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