Tuesday 27 May 2003

Bilderberg Puts Heat on 'Loose Cannon' Bush Over Mideast Policy

Never has a president of the United States been under such Bilderberg pressure as the current George Bush. All U.S. presidents since Richard Nixon have had membership in, or close ties to, the world shadow government.

President Bush is under heavy Bilderberg pressure to monetarily punish Israel unless the peace process progresses and to share the spoils of war on Iraq with Europe.

Bilderberg also hotly debated establishing a European Union army independent of NATO, whether to accept Turkey into the EU and punishing Belgium because of the rise of a “right wing” party (see related story on page 15).

Bilderberg had similarly punished Austria economically for holding a free election in which Jorge Haider’s nationalist party did well.

It is unprecedented for a U.S. president to come under such hostile Bilderberg fire. Not only have such secret meetings been traditionally congenial with participants celebrating their progress toward world government, but Bilderberg has had strong, direct influence over every president since Richard Nixon.

With Bush scheduled to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon May 20, immediately after the Bilderberg session, the messages from Versailles came frequently and urgently: tell Sharon he must accept the modest steps required in the “road map to peace” or the billions of dollars in U.S. aid will be turned off.

“That is language Israel will understand but Sharon doesn’t believe you will do it,” a European told the Americans. “You have opposed Israeli expansion and occupation of Palestinian lands with your mouth but not your money. Why are you so afraid of the Israeli lobby?”

The answer is obvious to people who follow U.S. politics. The late Sen. J. William Fulbright and congressmen Paul Findley of Illinois and Robert McCloskey of California, among others, all said they lost their seats because of questioning the amount of aid given Israel each year.

The May 20 trip was later postponed because of a suicide bombing incident.

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