Saturday 17 May 2003

Bilderberg Conference 2003

So, the Elite are busy munching cucumber sandwiches and deciding who next to rape, plunder, pillage and destroy. How many mainstream "news" organisations are reporting on it? Thus far only the BBC, Moscow Times, Turkish Press, Asia Times Online, WorldNetDaily and the EU Observer, not exactly blanket coverage is it? So, we have a gaggle of ultra rich and powerful people meeting in the absolute secrecy accorded them by their media whores - and they dismiss our concerns as those of "conspiracy theorists". If Bilderberg does not define what a "conspiracy" is then I think I've been reading the wrong dictionary all my life! The only reason it's conspiracy "theory" and not conspiracy "fact" is the highly effective security with which they guard their secrecy, it enables them to shroud their nefarious deeds from public eyes. They are corrupt, greedy, inhuman, megalomaniacs who will lead humanity to it's greatest fall if we allow them to continue their evil machinations.

Who gave people like David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger and the Rothschilds the right to govern this planet and exploit its inhabitants anway? Most of what they have has been acquired through less than squeaky clean methods and they have used that wealth to the worst possible ends imaginable; the ultimate enslavement of humanity. If you think I'm joking where the hell do you think Huxley and Orwell were coming from, both of those guys had establishment connections and both saw where things could go if we allowed the bastards to run our lives. If you ask me, the best thing that could happen would be if a great fissure in the earth opened up underneath the hotel in Versailles and swallowed up the whole bloody lot of them. The world would be a much nicer place without those corporate megalomaniacs.

by Tony Gosling

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Queen Sofia and King Juan-Carlos of Spain, Paavo Lipponen (former Prime Minister of Finland), Henry Kissinger, Kenneth Clarke and Richard Perle have all been positively identified among the guests arriving at Versailles' Trianon Park hotel for this years exclusive and secret Bilderberg meeting. Bilderberg is made up of central bankers, press barons, government ministers, prime ministers and royalty, the most powerful people in the western world, and always takes place close to the G8 meeting one or two weeks before it.

The five star hotel, next door to the palace of Versailles and one of the most exclusive in Paris, is surrounded by two tight cordons of french riot police, the infamous CRS. Amongst the various guests, taken from the NATO and EU countries, Perle is a particularly controversial figure - remaining a member of the U.S. defence policy board who pushed for the Iraq war his companies are likely to profit directly from the so-called 'war on terrorism'. As a key architect of the illegal Iraq war the invasion will add to his private fortune. Colin Powell is expected to deliver a report to the conference today (Saturday) on his way back home from Germany and the Middle East.

The hotel has been cordoned off in such a way as to be completely impossible to see. Friendly staff say all the windows have been blacked out to stop photographers who get inside the riot barriers from snapping secret guests inside. The conference agenda is supposed to be secret but leaks strongly indicate management of the Iraq and Palestine invasions as well as a final push for a European Army are top of the list this year. Any 'consensus' reached inside is an artificial one because so many of the guests are elitists and have much to lose by sharing their wealth and power with ordinary people. Conference organisers are available on the hotel telephone line and will be able to fax out an agenda and list of participants from Sunday afternoon.

Despite the ultra high-powered businessmen and royalty in attendance, no journalists from any media outlet controlled by Bildererg multinational bosses such as Rupert Murdoch and Conrad Black are covering it. BBC Radio 4 are making a documentary for broadcast on Thursday 3rd July and independent journalists from Iceland, Norway and Turkey too. Journalists from London magazine, The Economist, are inside Bilderberg every year but since one curious 'mistake' in the 1980's never mention the conference in their pages.

The anti-globalisation French daily newspaper, 'Liberation', says it might cover the Bilderberg conference in a few weeks time. Many journalists are afraid of the power the Bilderbergers wield and believe lies accusing key Bilderberg investigative journalists American Free Press of being neo-nazis. In fact Bilderberg conferences were started in 1954 by Queen Beatrix's father, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. He was a card-carrying member of Hitler's SS under the Nazi regime.
The organisers refuse to allow any participant lists out until after the conference has finished and feed lies to the handful of journalists about who is inside.

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