Tuesday 13 May 2003

9/11, the Zionist Angle, and the Distortion of the Truth

In many circles of internet forae, the official version of 9-11 has been deeply questioned. As I wrote back in January in, Why the media's conspiracy theory is better than yours, there are numerous problematic facts, as reported by the mainstream media, that do not synch with the official version of the events that unfolded that day.

On most internet forums, there is little or no defense made for the official version anymore. It is so full of holes that it simply "need not be discussed any longer" or you run the oh-so-awful risk of being labeled an "anti-American marxist spewing communist propaganda".

However, on the few forums that still do allow uncensored free-speech - in hopes that the best memes make it to the top of the pack, there is still a group that refuses to acknowledge some of the very relevant facts, such as the meetings (before, after and during 9.11) between Senator Bob Graham (D), Representative Porter Goss (R) and Senator John Kyl (R) with ISI Director Lt. Gen. Mahmood Ahmed, who was, as confirmed by the FBI responsible for wiring 100,000 dollars to Mohamed Atta, (the alleged head terrorist pilot, who incidentally worked for CDS International, an elite US - German government exchange program).

These are the people who refuse to believe that Arabs or anyone of Arabic origin had anything to do with 9.11, and the entire operation was masterminded and executed by Israeli operatives working to perpetuate Israeli foreign policy. The problem with this "conspiracy theory" is that is it just like the official version; "a theory". There is not a shred of evidence to back this claim up.

I am very well aware that the largest spy ring ever uncovered on US soil, as documented by Fox News' Carl Cameron [video], happened on 9.11 and led to the deportation of an undisclosed, although rather large number of Israeli citizens with connection to communications firms with "back doors" to virtually all Federal wiretapping equipment.

That being said, it was well known that Mossad and the CIA were trailing the hijackers before the event. An FBI informant lived with the hijackers, some of which lived in a motel right outside the gates of the NSA.

It is also well known as documented by Daniel Hopsicker of MadCowMorningNews that some of the Venice flight schools had been used for CIA ops and has always had scandalous activity going on, according to statements as such: "Venice was even targeted by the Soviet Union in the event of nuclear war, because of the military nature of certain activities taking place at the Airport."

"It's not unusual to see a military Blackhawk helicopter touch down at the Venice Airport in the middle of the night," stated the official, who requested anonymity, "and then take off again thirty seconds later, after dropping off its cargo or passengers."

"Or you look up and all of a sudden there's 5000 soldiers from the 101st Airborne landing and taking off. Strange things have been going on out there for a long time."

The rabbit hole gets even deeper when you consider Stanley Hilton's lawsuit representing 400 family members suing Bush and others in the federal government for "causing, aiding and abetting 9/11".

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