Thursday 24 April 2003

Woman Who Thwarted Hunt for Osama Bin Laden is Acting Governor Of Baghdad

Who is Barbara Bodine and Why Is She Acting Governor of Baghdad?

John O'Neill and Barbara Bodine Barbara Bodine, who helped thwart FBI veteran John O'Neill back when he was hot on the trail of Osama Bin Laden before 9/11, has been named Governor of Baghdad. Surprised to hear it? Little wonder - this story was swept as far under the rug as the Bush administration could sweep it. I saw one story - in FOX news online, but that was quickly scrubbed. Why? Because within this story was a link to an article I wrote in 2001 detailing Bodine's role in derailing the hunt for Bin Laden aftern the USS Cole tragedy. So, while we hear about "retired General Garner" (who is, in fact a very un-retired CEO of a huge defense contracting company, SY Coleman), we haven't heard the name Bodine mentioned until now.

Yet Bodine arrived in Um Qusar on April 8. Here's a link to the story citing her position as "mayor of Baghdad" from a US Embassy site (as long as it remains unscrubbed) - scroll down to Question 10.
Choosing a woman governor in a Muslim country was calculated to foment trouble with the conservative Shiites - worse, a woman skilled in coverups for rightwing bosses. There is alread a conflict brewing between Bodine and Iraqi Mohammed Mohsen Zubaidi, who says HE is the Governor of Baghdad. This story was in the Washington Post today...but notice how extremley vague all references to Bodine are. The reporter does not come right out and say Bodine is, in fact, the designated Governor of Baghdad.

So, here below is the story the FOX article linked to. The entire "Smoking Gun" series can be read at News Insider

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