Friday 11 April 2003

US Victory A Little Too Easy!

by Joseph Ehrlich

Sender, Berl & Sons Inc. has a very bad feeling now that it appears that the US has won an overwhelming victory in Iraq; overthrowing Saddam, occupying Iraq, and seizing the oil fields. The problem first gnawed at us because Saddam didn't take the bait to use WMD and thereafter did little to nothing to preclude the occupation.

Our first thought is that the counter strategy was to allow the US to occupy Iraq, the US never having enough troops to police the country. This being the case a war of attrition would commence that would cause mounting losses. A small but steady stream.

The new world order viewpoint is that as long as it has the oil, it is willing to take on losses. It will move to put in its government, but in the meantime if there is fractional fighting between three main groups in Iraq, the new world order looks forward to having them all kill themselves off and occupying themselves with internal conflict.

In the interim the new world order intends in our opinion to send in special ops into Syria to take out Assad. Psychologically this will be another demoralizing defeat for the Arab/Islamic nations.

The other day, the new world order deployed the very same tactics used in the Soviet Union, amassing no more than 100-200 people to topple before well-positioned cameras the statute of Saddam, with a small group of complaint Iraqis kissing photos of Bush, pictures broadcast throughout the Arab/Islamic world, further demoralizing the Arab/Islamic nations. All this of course is the prelude to the conquest as we have long interpreted of the entire Middle East region, to dominate it and its critical oil asset.

However, we believe there is a serious counter strategy in play.

What is the heart of the new world order agenda, aside of course from world domination and control? Answer: globalization, the vehicle to extracting the wealth of the world.

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