Monday 28 April 2003

UK Rocked By New Huge Scandal

Great Britain is being rocked by one of the greatest scandals of the post-world war two period, as Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir John Stevens, the most senior police official in Great Britain, releases the findings of a report, documenting that a special branch of British army intelligence coordinated the murders of Catholics in Northern Ireland.

Stevens had begun his investigation already back in 1989, but the report is only being released today, after its release had twice been postponed, during 2002.

The Stevens investigation has centered on the British Army intelligence's Force Research Unit (FRU), for colluding with "Protestant loyalist" paramilitary groups, to kill Catholics.

What makes this all so explosive, is that the head of the FRU, at the time when these murders were being committed, in 1989-90, was Gordon Kerr.

Until February 2003, Kerr was the British military attache in Beijing, one of the highest military posts for a British military officer.

Then, in February, Sir John Stevens confirmed, that he was preparing papers, for the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), relating to a prosecution of Kerr.

At that point, Kerr, now an army brigadier, was moved to Kuwait, and is currently SERVING IN IRAQ!

This may or may not blow back against current British Prime Minister Tony Blair, because of Blair's Iraq war policy.

But certainly, one person who could quickly become implicated, is MARGARET THATCHER, who was Prime Minister at the time when the murders were taking place.

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