Monday 28 April 2003

Smoking Gun Stinks of Spooks

by Paul Routledge

Call me a cynic, as many do, but I have great difficulty in believing all the top-secret files cascading from the bombed-out ministries of Baghdad.

Here they are, just lying around on the floor waiting for eagle-eyed reporters to pick them up and phone their news editor.

Even more amazingly, every single document points the guilty finger at Saddam's regime and those who questioned the Anglo-American war against Iraq.

They expose the perfidy of President Putin, the chicanery of President Chirac, the knavery of German intelligence, the alleged greed of George Galloway MP, and the terrorist link-up with the head of al-Qaeda.

How fortunate! What a coincidence! And how convenient they should all be discovered by journalists working for papers that back Bush all the way.

Of course, there could be another explanation. It could be that the security services, in this business up to their ears, have had a hand.

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