Friday 25 April 2003

Rant of the Week

by ewar

Evil demons run amok amongst normal people, they camouflage themselves with lies and suits, and fancy words but at the end of the day they all spout the same crap. Like Tony Blair on TV giving one of his impassioned speeches - the guy sounds exactly the same every time I hear him. False sincerity, false promises, false everything! How stupid does he think we are anyway? Obviously they think that Murdoch has us brainwashed so they can do what they like, and so they do. It disgusts me to think that my tax money funds these sick bastards.

How do we change things guys? How do we turn this violent, manipulated, mess of a planet into somewhere that's nice for everyone to live, not just the people who can afford a private island? And I'm not talking about Greenpeace or UNICEF because they are, despite the undeniably good work they do, funded and controlled by a different branch of the same power which controls the oil companies. All those "foundations" and "institutes" and "think-tanks" are the slaves of people who would have their narrow-minded, greedy ambitions brought to fruition. Do you want to be in debt for your whole life? Do you want your children to be in debt from the time they are born? If we let it, that's what will happen, make no mistake about it.

I heard on the news today that the numbers released by the Chancellor for this year's PSBR were "overly optimistic". Gee, thanks Auntie, for once again explaining nothing at all! This year we borrow 27 billion as a nation, but what about the money we borrowed last year, and the year before that, and every damn year since the bankers took control of the life-blood of the economy - not to mention the interest on the loans? Notice how the BBC never adds the debt up, they make it seem like we pay it off every year! The system is a con, there are really greedy people out there laughing at all of us for being so stupid as to believe the shit they feed us. It doesn't matter whether you live in Sweden or Swaziland - you are being laughed at because you don't see what is right in front of your eyes.

Latest bit of news on the grapevine is that there are children being held by the US in Camp X-Ray. How the hell could anyone justify that? Especially the leader of a so-called "freedom loving democracy"... America you guys have got to wake up and realise that these guys are staining your country, way of life, religion and everything else you stand for. You're being lied to and manipulated, meanwhile there are real people dying out there because of your government! Open your eyes people!

war = (lies + greed) x (fear + ignorance)

The equation isn't that hard to figure out.