Friday 4 April 2003

Privatise this war!

Isn't it amazing that in the midst of all this carnage, there are still people who do the right thing, it turns out that Jessica Lynch was rescued after an Iraqi lawyer saw her being mistreated and informed the US Marines. I don't agree with the Americans and British being in Iraq but that doesn't mean to say I like the fact that our troops are getting captured and killed. The whole thing is just grotesque.

UK and US forces are using cluster bombs now, of course first they denied it and then when they couldn't deny it anymore they said cluster munitions were only being used on the military - which is what they always say. What people like Geoff Hoon don't tell us is that some sadistic wanker made the cluster muntions the same exact colour as the aid-rations, as a result little children get blown up. Yet another amazingly sensible use of my tax money, the lies get bigger and more grotesque with each passing day. So many people are suffering and dying in this war, why are we doing it? What the hell is wrong with us? Could we not stop it if we made that choice?

6,000 years of recorded history including beautiful music and paintings, poetry, sculpture and science, yet we seem to have learned nothing from it all. The only two things in the world which REALLY matter are life and love. Everything else is incidental, without those two things our existence on earth is meaningless. Bush and Blair don't seem to recognise this, they are stooges of more powerful men who prefer to remain in the shadows and manipulate us from behind the scenes. As long as they exist we are little more than slaves to their wealth, power and ambition. That's why we should all try and get out to the Bilderberg Conferences in Versailles in May, they won't let us in but it might cause enough of a fuss to create some publicity. If they can't meet in secret it's more difficult for them to plot their nefarious deeds. Plus getting in the way of Kissinger the War Criminal is always worth doing. As the late great Steve Biko once said; "You can beat me, or jail me, or even kill me but I'm not going to be what you want me to be."

The following article is reprinted from the journal of the Washington Freedom Association, which has been hugely influential in shaping George Bush's foreign policy due to its uncompromising far-right Republican outlook in easy-to-read large print.

The war is now two weeks old and it seems incredible to many of us on Capitol Hill that Saddam Hussein has not yet surrendered. Has his translator not explained to him exactly what George Bush said? That "Baghdad will endure bombardmentalisation". That "the Iraqi people must be freed from this tyrannosaurus regime". What bit of "non-conditional capitulisation" does Saddam not understand?

The Washington Freedom Association is of the opinion that our foreign policy and the principles of free enterprise must go hand in hand. Yet we are permitting this war to be pursued by federal government instead of outsourcing the operation to American private companies. War pursued by central government necessitates higher levels of federal taxation and is thus incompatible with the very freedom for which American service personnel are risking their lives.

"Free enterprise warfare" would not only result in an army unfettered by federal bureaucracy, but by fielding an army employed by a US corporation rather than a nation state, troops would not be impeded by excessive petty international regulations such as the Geneva convention.

A number of private companies have put in tenders to the state department to take over the running of the Iraq war. Our finest supermarkets already have large supplies of guns and ammunition on their shelves; Exxon has extensive experience in laying waste to large areas of countryside; Enron is looking for new spheres of influence; and there are many more companies that so enthusiastically share the president's vision of freedom that they contributed to his election campaign.

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