Wednesday 2 April 2003

President Roosevelt's Campaign To Incite War in Europe

A little bit of news which demonstrates how much of a media war this is, US special forces have rescued 19 year old Private Jessica Lynch. By all accounts she's hard a hard time of it, not suprising really. I'm very happy that she's been rescued from what must have been a very nasty situation, I bet her parents are planning the most fantasic party ever and she deserves every bit of it. Unfortunately that doesn't change the fact that it should be Dubya that's got two broken legs, a broken arm and gun-shot wounds. Innocent people like Jessica should not be asked to help invade a foreign country in the name of a bunch of stupid rich Texans who have no-one's interests in mind other than their own. Do these people not understand death? Don't they understand how much it hurts for everyone that's left behind? Let me ask you one thing; how is it that those brainless fuckwits running this war can send precision bombs guided by GPS into a 5 meter area of Baghdad but they can't stop a supply convoy taking a wrong turn. It's obvious, they only care about how many pieces they can blow people into, frat-boys like Dubya don't give a rat's arse about anyone except themselves.

This story just goes to show you the lengths to which the US government will go to avoid bad publicity and how they must be feeling like they're loosing the media war. Knowing them without the publicity they probably would have let poor Jessica rot. It also shows you how phucked America is because this young lady was forced to join the army because of being unemployed, how screwed up is that? What I want to know is how many other Anglo-American PoWs are there in Iraq? I hope that the others don't get forgotten just because they're not young, blonde and female, otherwise the circle of US hypocrisy and lies will be complete.

Looks like NBC got tired of hearing the truth and fired Peter Arnett, it goes to show you just how screwed things in the USA are. A friend recently returned from Florida and he said the mentality had to be seen to be believed. I don't need to see it to know that there's a collective insanity over-shadowing America at the moment, all you have to do is read stories like the one about Mr Arnett. The guy is a great journalist, but that's obviously not what the American networks want... The Mirror snapped him up which doesn't suprise, they're masters of self-publicity.

-= Orwell in 2003, submitted by a reader

On a more serious note: If, like me, you've been wondering where all this insanity comes from, you might find this of interest. I'd like to introduce you to PNAC (thanks to Hash of ArseBiscuits for the spark) the nice folks who have been planning this Iraq war for years. The last time there was a political idea this dangerous to the world, Germany was being run by a maniac with a stupid mustache who was being financed by greedy industrialists and bankers...!

Do me (and yourself) a favour, take every history book you ever read - and burn it. They were (and are) lying to you, WW2 is a big concoction of lies from beginning to end. The beginning, the end, the middle - it's all be fabricated by the powerful to retain their control over the masses.

This is a very long piece, it's worth printing out but only if you're really interested in this stuff....

President Roosevelt's Campaign To Incite War in Europe

The Secret Polish Documents

Major ceremonies were held in 1982 to mark the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. With the exceptions of Washington and Lincoln, he was glorified and eulogized as no other president in American history. Even conservative President Ronald Reagan joined the chorus of applause. In early 1983, newspapers and television networks remembered the fiftieth anniversary of Roosevelt's inauguration with numerous laudatory tributes.

And yet, with each passing year more and more new evidence comes to light which contradicts the glowing image of Roosevelt portrayed by the mass media and politicians.

Much has already been written about Roosevelt's campaign of deception and outright lies in getting the United States to intervene in the Second World War prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941. Roosevelt's aid to Britain and the Soviet Union in violation of American neutrality and international law, his acts of war against Germany in the Atlantic in an effort to provoke a German declaration of war against the United States, his authorization of a vast "dirty tricks" campaign against U.S. citizens by British intelligence agents in violation of the Constitution, and his provocations and ultimatums against Japan which brought on the attack against Pearl Harbor -- all this is extensively documented and reasonably well known.[1]

Not so well known is the story of Roosevelt's enormous responsibility for the outbreak of the Second World War itself. This essay focuses on Roosevelt's secret campaign to provoke war in Europe prior to the outbreak of hostilities in September 1939. It deals particularly with his efforts to pressure Britain, France and Poland into war against Germany in 1938 and 1939.

Franklin Roosevelt not only criminally involved America in a war which had already engulfed Europe. He bears a grave responsibility before history for the outbreak of the most destructive war of all time.

This paper relies heavily on a little-known collection of secret Polish documents which fell into German hands when Warsaw was captured in September 1939. These documents clearly establish Roosevelt's crucial role in bringing on the Second World War. They also reveal the forces behind the President which pushed for war.

While a few historians have quoted sentences and even paragraphs from these documents, their importance has not been fully appreciated. There are three reasons for this, I believe. First, for many years their authenticity was not indisputably established. Second, a complete collection of the documents has not been available in English. And third, the translation of those documents which has been available in English until now is deficient and unacceptably bad.

When the Germans took Warsaw in late September 1939, they seized a mass of documents from the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In a letter of 8 April 1983, Dr. Karl Otto Braun of Munich informed me that the documents were captured by an SS brigade led by Freiherr von Kuensberg, whom Braun knew personally. In a surprise attack, the brigade captured the center of Warsaw ahead of the regular German army. Von Kuensberg told Braun that his men took control of the Polish Foreign Ministry just as Ministry officials were in the process of burning incriminating documents. Dr. Braun was an official of the German Foreign Office between 1938 and 1945.

The German Foreign Office chose Hans Adolf von Moltke, formerly the Reich's Ambassador in Warsaw, to head a special Archive Commission to examine the collection and sort out those documents which might be suitable for publication. At the end of March 1940, 16 of these were published in book form under the title Polnische Dokumente zur Vorgeschichte des Krieges ["Polish Documents on the Pre-History of the War"]. The Foreign Office edition was subtitled "German White Book No. 3." The book was immediately published in various foreign language editions in Berlin and some other European capitals. An American edition was published in New York by Howell, Soskin and Company as The German White Paper. Historian C. Hartley Grattan contributed a remarkably cautious and reserved foreword.[2]

The translation of the documents for the U.S. White Paper edition was inexcusably bad. Whole sentences and parts of sentences were missing and portions were grossly mistranslated. H. Keith Thompson explained to me why this was so during a conversation on 22 March 1983 and in a letter of 13 May 1983. A poor first draft English-language translation had been prepared in Berlin and sent to America. It was given to George Sylvester Viereck, a prominent pro-German American publicist and literary advisor to the German Library of Information in New York City. Thompson knew Viereck intimately and served as his chief aide and re-writer. Viereck had hurriedly redrafted the translation from Berlin into more readable prose but without any opportunity of comparing it to the original Polish text (which he could not read in any case) or even the official German-language version. In making stylistic changes for the sake of readability, the meaning of the original documents was thereby inadvertently distorted.

The matter was also discussed at a small dinner for Lawrence Dennis hosted by Thompson at Viereck's apartment in the Hotel Belleclaire in New York City in 1956. Viereck explained that he had been a highly paid literary consultant to the German government, responsible for the propaganda effect of publications, and could not be concerned with the translation groundwork normally done by clerks. Even the most careful translation of complicated documents is apt to distort the original meaning, and literary editing is certain to do so, Viereck said. Thompson agreed with that view.

In preparing the English-language text for this essay, I have carefully examined the official German translation and various other translations, and compared them with facsimiles of the original Polish documents.

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