Monday 14 April 2003

The Liberation Rages On

More And More Kids Liberated Each Hour

by voxfux

CNN, Fox and the other CIA based LieNews organizations continue the deception by ceasing to show images of the ensuing battles, bombings, bloodied kids, and infernos still raging on in Iraq - Just happy people hugging pictures of George Bush. Guess where these underprivileged Iraqis got their commemorative George Bush posters... That's right, from the same CIA psy-op group who is orchestrating this latest twist on an old idea. An idea fully embraced by the human lizard Donald Rumsfeld - The idea that you can conquer the world with the big “fake out.” In Rumsfeld’s wet dream, he conquers the world by severely bullshitting them. The New World Order types like Rumsfeld believe that they can control all the humans especially the Americans with the scientific application of bogusness, lies, disinformation, fakeness, fraudulence, dizzying insider oil and arms deals, war profiteering, and a healthy splattering of bloodied kids, women and a generation of this or that countries’ young men. It’s a lie. And it’s not the America I remember. And it’s not the kind of country I want to see us transformed into permanently.

The word came down from the top - NO MORE BATTLE IMAGES. That would send out a confusing message since the TV already showed jubilant Iraqis tearing down statues. JUST HAPPY SMILING IRAQIS. But wait a second, some of the most bloodiest bombing and fighting is going on right this second while we see the loops over and over again of Iraqis throwing garlands of flowers on our troops, what gives?

Right now the US media is a complete and total element of the US government and in particular the Bush administration. Right now, out of the peering eye of the TV cameras rages the bloodiest phase of this bloody filthy war for oil profits - total indiscriminate killing in the outer cities to affect an immediate way out of the quickly building QUAGMIRE.

The Administration had a VERY SHORT LIVED, “I TOLD YOU SO.” The reality is starting to leak out about what really happened there and what is continuing to happen there - They are “Liberating” (disfiguring or killing) thousands of little kids today, right now, after the liberation.

And since the CIA decided that you can only control people if you can successfully oppress the truth, their news service, CNN, will no longer even bring you ANY pictures of the reality of war. The lying agenda has shifted to the new lie which is how wonderful the Iraqi people think their new conquerors are. So voxnews will bring you the real pictures about what is really going on.

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