Tuesday 1 April 2003

Kids became 'human torches'

Now for a rant - please forgive the outburst, I need to get this off my chest. Every morning brings more news of stupid American fly-boys shooting at friendly (UK) forces, or trigger-happy marines blowing away whole families. One thing I want to know, which idiot came up with the term "friendly fire"? To my mind it doesn't matter who the person is, if they're shooting depleted uranium shells at me at a rate of thousands of rounds per minute then it hardly constitutes "friendly" anything now does it? In fact it seems remarkably unfriendly seeing as we're the only allies those wankers in Washington have. Pretty much everyone else in the world is spitting venom at the USA and we're the one's they kill - along with a few thousand unfortunate Iraqis of course! It's obvious to me that Bush and his Pals have had their heads up their own arses for so long all they can do is think shit! As regards the incident itself, honestly America, can't you people even tell the difference between British and Eye-rackie hardware? Even with all those chevron thingies plastered all over everything you still can't seem to hit the right target, can you??!!?? Give it up guys, you suck!

One other thing, if I hear another British military/government/media person pronouncing Iraq, "eye-rack" I'm going to do something crazy! It's bad enough that the bloody unelected-brain-dead-red-neck-wanker buggered up our language even more than it already was, but it doesn't mean to say we need to start mispronouncing words in the same way! Sorry guys, my ire is not directed at ordinary Americans; you guys can use whatever English you like. My problem is with the diseased, murderous turds running your country and media. This ill-conceived war is the result of the mindless machinations of neo-Nazi men and women who seek to re-make the world according to their own deeply flawed ideology of Free Market economics, Zionist inspired politics and an approach to foreign policy that would make Hitler blush. The Iraqis understand that Bush cares not one fig about democracy in Iraq, for crying out loud the Bush cabal doesn't even understand the concept of democracy! If America is not careful these simple-minded fools will lead that great nation to its greatest fall, is that what you want America?

On this side of the American Channel our spineless simpering government of fools has been trying to slime Robin Cook, The Ginger Avenger, all weekend, Blair really has no scruples or sense at all. The guy is responsible for an illegal war being fought with an incompetent ally against a determined and clever enemy who they have totally underestimated. As our troops die alone in the harsh desert sands, Bush and Blair sit comfortably in their nice cushy offices surrounded by security and with the luxury of a nice hot shower at the end of each and every day. Dubya even gets his full 8 hours of sleep and a nice chicken salad for lunch, I imagine Tony is on a lot less but that doesn't make what he's doing right. Here's an idea, lets bring the troops home, and put every single tosser who supported and encouraged this war into a uniform, give them a gun and send them off to take out Saddam!

This is getting silly... I hate what those arseholes are doing with my taxes, I'm paying for this stuff and it makes me feel physically ill. This is not democracy, the beast has shown it's head. Tony Blair needs to be arrested immediately!

Kids became 'human torches'

Bloodied school books and children's shoes lie amidst animal carcasses on the road leading to the Ismails' farm in this village on the south eastern edge of Baghdad.

The main building of this hamlet, accessible via a checkpoint manned by militiamen, has been levelled, the second burned out and the third partially destroyed.

A neighbour told an AFP journalist that two missiles fired by coalition warplanes on Saturday night caught five sleeping families living on the farm.

The raid left 20 people dead - eleven of them children, seven women and two men. Ten others injured in the attack were taken to hospital.

The victims have already been buried according to Muslim tradition, but the smell of death still permeates the farm: the bombing also cost the life of several of the farm's animals.

Littered amongst the rubble spread over the grass were carcasses of four cows, their eye, nose and mouth cavities blackened by swarms of flies. Two dogs, sheep and chickens lay motionless nearby.

"Five children were turned into human torches in this house because of the gas cylinders inside," one of the two survivors said, wondering how God spared him while four other family members were wounded.

"Their bodies protected me because I was in a corner," he mused.

A neighbour, with missile debris in his hands, said: "That is Bush's democracy. They want us to welcome them with flowers. Look what they've done to our families."

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