Wednesday 9 April 2003

CIA Stages Another Bogus Psy-Op

About fifty Iraqis show up for the big rally

by voxfux

Reminiscent of the staged MOCK pro war rallies here in the United States, the CIA with their public relations giants staged a patently mock liberation rally. If it wasn’t so phony it would be laughable, but it’s disgusting - It’s a lie. The CIA organized this mornings take down of the Saddam Statue in Baghdad’s Liberation Square as another FAKE OUT. In this city of over 5 million people about seventy of what appeared to be Iraqi dregs and delinquents and news paparazzi with Betacam crews descended on Liberation Square for another in a long line of lies, and psy-ops and disinformation, designed to fake us all out. CNN kept the camera angle close up because if they pulled too far out you noticed that there weren’t a whole lot of people out for this fake out, “liberation.”

About four hours before the statue was actually pulled down by a group of listless Iraqis, one of those plastic CNN news hairdos said that all the while, the images were of US tanks tearing the Saddam statues down and that it would be nice for the world to see some arabic looking people tearing down some statues so that CNN (CIA) (Bush Administration) could say, “I told you so”.

And so they brought in a column of tanks and moved in for the big publicity stunt. Not even coming close to a real occupation of the city they took this little corner and pulled out the cameras. There were more news crews in Liberation Square then Iraqi people. But hey who would even notice, right? After all, aren’t American’s brains so numbed after being so systematically lied to year after year by lie after lie that in the LieWorld such publicity stunts really work, right?
Wrong. Smart people know better.

Yea, but what about all those Shiites happily on a looting rampage in East Baghdad, they appear to be having such joy as they tear up Saddam’s Posters? Doesn’t it feel like liberation?

First of all let’s be clear about one thing here. If Iraqi tanks rolled down Pennsylvania avenue in Washington and killed Bush, there would be nearly 100 million people in the streets of America celebrating - Let’s make that perfectly clear. Secondly those same people who are tearing up Saddam’s posters are the same people who are going to be taking pot shots, every chance they get at their new liberators. Because remember this there is only one person in this world more hated than Saddam Hussein and that is George W. Bush.

Do the math - Bush is the most despised man on earth, ever.

The Bush criminal gang think they can fool the world with all these lies. The US government now is government by lies. Our foreign policy is a foreign policy of lies, payoffs, and coersion. Our domestic policy is about lies. Our social agenda is based on lies. The New World Order liars think they can conquer the world with lies and fake outs and mock rallys and staged fake rallies of Iraqis giving flowers to US troops. It's a fucking lie from start to finish.

No doubt Saddam Hussein is a major scumbag, but he was our scumbag - we put him there and kept him there and sold him chemicals and Bushes father sold him weaponry and biological agents and gave him hundreds of millions of dollars of US taxpayer dollars to keep him alive and healthy. Saddam was OUR boy, through and through. Will there be jubilation when we kill our own agent? You better believe it, they hate this former CIA asset, but no where in the world would there be a bigger celebration and jubilation then if it were Bush on the recieving end of the Tomahawk cruise missile or smart bomb.

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