Monday 14 April 2003

Bush brings death and barbarism to Iraq

Yesterday a CNN news ticker flashed a warning from the Pentagon that despite its military success, Washington may still drop the 21,000-pound MOAB on Tikrit as a "psychological weapon" against any enemy holdouts in Hussein's hometown. Now, aside from the fact that a 21,000-pound bomb's destructive capacities go far beyond "psychological," the Pentagon just admitted it is waging state terrorism against the Iraqi people.

Webster's defines "terror" as: "violence (as bomb throwing) committed by groups in order to intimidate a population or government into granting their demands" and "terrorism" as: "the systematic use of terror as a means of coercion."

These bastards are so drunk with power and imperial arrogance they don't even realize how self damning they sound half the time. Rumsfeld jokes about henny penny hysteria and people doing bad things when they're free while Iraqis are dead and laying dying in the tens of thousands, their country raped and pulverized and humiliated before the world's eyes.

As of April 12, despite overwhelming supremacy, the US forces are still meeting strong resistance from the western Syrian border town of Qaim to the heart of Baghdad at the Palestine Hotel. At least 3 Americans died in Baghdad today, two after US tanks fired on a discovered arms cache in a residential area, despite the frantic pleas of Iraqis to remove the arms from the area first. Sniper fire forced US Special Forces to pull back in Mosul. Meanwhile, US forces advance toward Tikrit, Hussein's birthplace, the last major city not under US "control." Iraqis may fight intensely here, though US intelligence indicates widespread abandoning of Iraqi positions taking place.

Organized Iraqi resistance is essentially over. Much of the Republican Guard was pulverized by overwhelming US air power. Still, Iraqi forces fought fiercely from the moment the invaders entered southern Iraq and all the way up to Baghdad. Tens of thousands died heroically defending their nation from foreign invaders. Iraqi soldiers and civilians were defenseless against an aerial and weapons assault unparalleled in history. Lacking an air force and air defense, Iraqis were sitting ducks for the most lethal military technology ever assembled.

Lacking weapons to match their opponents, Iraqis literally threw themselves at imperialist forces. Their resistance in the first week of the war in southern Iraq DID cause some jitters in Washington. The Pentagon adjusted by taking off the gloves and ordering all-out, in discriminate slaughter of all in the way of their conquest. The opposition collapsed, the imperialists rolled into Baghdad and "liberated" the city, but as we're seeing things are not so simple, nor are they over.

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