Monday 24 March 2003

The World Weeps

by ewar

I bet George and Tony feel like really big men now... As the world weeps, protests are flaring, the human race does not support this war of agression and yet it continues in our name. Is there no democracy in this country? Obviously not!

Their lies permeate the airwaves like a cloud of smelly polluted air and the sycophantic whores in the media spin everything like the great demented spiders they are. The nice sanitsed -endlessly repetitive- TV coverage in which they shield us from the truth of war's brutality. Our so-called leaders are war-criminals, the brave troops they have sent in to battle and who are now loosing their lives deserve to be led by individuals of a greater stature than those small simple-minded fools who can see no other path for humanity than conflict, strife and corruption. I pity their weakness and lack of compassion, to say that they are "liberators" is the biggest lie of all. If they were actually trying to help Iraq then I would be in full support, but they're not. No matter what those lying twats say on TV, this war is about corporate profit and political greed. It is quite simply sickening. Those who have perpetrated it are worthy of contempt and loathing. Their motives are selfish, their justification non-existent and their crimes against humanity are undeniable. They and their corporate pay-masters are the ones who will get rich from the suffering, no-one else will benefit from this at all. They perpetrate crimes against humanity in the name of the values we hold most dear, they sully and deprave the good names of our peoples with the destruction and mayhem they wreak. How can we live in a democracy when wars can still be initiated in our names even though the majority of people clearly want peace. If it wasn't for the so-called "leaders" of the world, their employers and spineless underlings, peace would probably break out tomorrow.

As the bombs fall we weep for the soul of humanity.