Friday 28 March 2003

What Is Really Happening In Iraq?

The Americans and their faithful allies, the British, are committing war crimes, attacking a sovereign state outside the auspices of the UNO. Since there have been civilian casualties, these are war crimes by definition.

But aren't they helping the people by freeing Iraq? Freeing Iraq, under whose authority? How do you explain the fact that the Shi'ite south, which was supposed to welcome the "liberators" with open arms, has not risen up against the regime?

They're too frightened.

That is not the impression the TV crews are getting. They started by interviewing people in ths streets, asking them what they thought of Saddam Hussein. Every one of them said "Good, Saddam Good!" or "Saddam like God" or some such. The reporters started to say that in a dictatorship everyone was forced to say that but then they stopped making the interviews because everyone was saying the same thing.

But that was in Baghdad.

No, it was in the Shi'ite south, you know, those guys who are supposed to hate Saddam. Further north the support for him is just the same.

But the Americans want to give them a democracy.

What if they don't want a democracy based on the western model ? Look at the map, read it. How many countries in that area have western-style democracies? If there was a free election today, Saddam Hussein would be elected, if he's alive.

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