Saturday 29 March 2003

Pedophiles Exploit the Besieged Children of Basra

I really don't know what to make of Joe sometimes, his reports make it sound like he's got some sort of shady background and although his analysis is often thoght-provoking I'm never sure how much of it to believe. He seems to take a keen interest in matters relating to rape and stuff in the military, don't forget it was him that brought us the alternative theory surrounding the deaths of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman. Anyway, make your own mind up about it, this is what freedom of speech is all about. I usually post new stuff from Joe as a matter of course... If anyone has more information about him please do send it to me...

by Joe Vialls

American media lure young Iraqi children out of the city with Food and candy already paid for by the Government of Iraq

The term “Pedophilia” is normally used to indicate the direct sexual abuse of an innocent child, but in reality has a far wider interpretation. Pedophilia means the intentional exploitation and/or abuse of an innocent child or children, for any reason that is detrimental to their individual or collective physical or mental health.

Though direct sexual abuse is obviously a traumatic and criminal act, it is certainly no more traumatic and no less criminal than deliberately luring children away from their mothers and fathers, in order to provide propaganda images for the American public of “grateful” Iraqi children accepting “gifts” from hordes of heavily-armed invading mercenaries.

This nightmare scenario outside the City of Basra turns to pure obscenity when you realize that the stage was set months earlier by the American Administration, which used its muscle to illegally “suspend” the United Nations Iraq “Oil for Food and Medicine” program. As will be explained later, the “grateful” Iraqi children already owned the food “gifts” handed over by the invading mercenaries, which had been purchased in advance by the Government of Iraq, but deliberately blocked by America at their points of entry into Iraq.

While this forward intervention proves a deliberate premeditated [and predictable] intent on the part of the US Administration to “starve out” the Iraqi population in the manner of a Middle Age siege, it also bears the unmistakable signature of the babbling shrinks and psychs at the Department of Psychological Warfare.

Among other things, this department studies and develops specialist cross-cultural strategies designed to psychologically undermine any targeted ethnic or religious group, at home or abroad. Where Arab, and in particular Arab-Muslim groups are concerned, one of the easiest psychological buttons to press is that which diminishes the head of the family, i.e. the father, in the eyes of his wife and children.

The American 82nd Airborne recently provided several crude examples of this button being pressed while on duty in Afghanistan. In their politically driven witch-hunt for “terrorists”, these men entered small houses in all of the villages they encountered, then “patted down” the father for weapons at gunpoint. After that, while still holding the father at gunpoint, the soldiers patted down his wife and children. Because the father was physically unable to defend his family against this unthinkable assault by the infidels, he was shamed for eternity, or at least until he can track down the offending American soldiers and kill them personally. His family honor depends on it.

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