Monday 31 March 2003

Liars, Scoundrels and Traitors

by Henry Makow, PhD

Donald Rumsfeld lied Friday (March 28) when a reporter asked if the US was misleading the public about its casualties in Iraq.

Rumsfeld feigned indignation. Looking straight into the camera, he said something like: "That's a terrible thing to suggest. We always tell the truth."

The official US death toll at the time was about 30. Does he seriously expect us to believe that after only 30 deaths, the U.S. would postpone the assault on Baghdad and bring in an additional 120,000 soldiers?

The Iraqi ambassador to Moscow claimed March 28 that over 500 Americans died in the last 24 hours alone. (
In An-Nasiriya alone last Sunday (March 23) as many as two-dozen US soldiers were killed and over 60 wounded, the largest one day loses since the Vietnam War. According to MSNBC:

"'Each unit takes its turn being sacrificed,' said Sgt. Chris Merkle, 31, from Irvine, Ca, 'everybody gets torn apart the same way.' (The report continues:) Nasiriyah ... became a killing field ... with a pair of grisly disasters for U.S. troops. An Army convoy that made a wrong turn drove into an Iraqi ambush that left 12 soldiers dead or captured. In a separate incident, at least nine Marines died in the fighting." (

Sound to me like Rumsfeld was lying. A stench of lies emanates from Bush, Blair and their minions.

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